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User Info: KingofGames2010

9 years ago#1
I got this game are around the time it was released last year. I beat the game once or twice and wanted to go for LSC. I got up to Porth Llaffan and stopped playing it for months.

Now that dragon quest x was shown off last week I really want to put some more effort into this but this time solo. I did my previous run up to Coffinwell. My time was at 2:10 when saving before heading off to Quarantomb. I knew I could better so I restarted...

User Info: KingofGames2010

9 years ago#2
I've gone for every Item that adds defence and used all the seeds so far. I haven't gone for blue chests. I always use a chimera wing to get back to places.

The Observatory:
- I went for the Holy Water and Seed of Life only. Probably should have gone for the Chimera Wing to get a free one and have it in the first slot.

Angel Falls: 0:21 saved before grinding with Ivor.
- I leveled up to level 4.
- Chimera winged back to angel falls after the events.
- 0:32 saved on my way to hexagon.

The Hexagon:
- I went for everything but the blue chests.
- equipped the Feather fan.
- Did a few battles to level up to level 5.
- Used Holy Water on Hexagoon for 13 damage.
- Killed it and leveled up to 7.

- Bought the Rapier sword.
- Did the events to be able to face the wight knight.
- 0:57 saved to grind up to be prepared to face WK.

- Grinded up to level 11.
- Sold some equiptment for more money.
- Also bought all the equiptment that add defence so far including the Chain mail armor at stornway.
- 1:16 saved and went off to face WK.
- Beat him and leveled up to 12.
- Equipped the Iron guantlets.
- 1:31 saved and went off to face Morag.

- I went for the Trailblazing bandana and Gold bracer only.
- Beat Morag.
- Evac and Chimera winged back to Stornway to get my reward.
- Went to the starflight express and then headed for Coffinwell.

- Did the events to open up the Quarantomb.
- 1:55 saved.

That's what I'm up to now. As you can see I cut out 15 minutes from my previous. Right now I'm trying to get magic mirror by metal slime grinding in a good time. Though It's pretty annoying trying to get to level 24 before 2:30...

User Info: MelonGx

9 years ago#3
Very good start. Expecting the following walkthrough.
Dragon Quest IX Famous Grottoes - http://dq9grotto.wikidot.com/

User Info: KingofGames2010

9 years ago#4
A walkthrough? I'm not sure if I'll make one. There's already one though it's not very detailed. If I get a really good time I might think about it. Though I doubt I would make one.

Anyway, I got bored of trying to get a good time metal slime grinding so I restarted. I changed a few things this run:

The Observatory:
+ Picked up the free chimera wing.
+ Picked up the 50 gold to have more money early on.

+ I grinded up in doomingale forest instead of outside of zere to face Wight Knight.

Now, I'm back to coffinwell. Saved and ready to go to quarantomb. Though somewhat surprisingly my time is a bit faster. My time is 1:52, almost 3 minutes faster than my previous time when counting seconds. Time to get back to one of the most annoying part of the speedrun, metal grinding...
Dragon Quest IX LSC solo: Coffinwell --> Quarantomb [1:52]
Monster Hunter Tri Name: King ID: VN96FV HR: 106
I think he's referring to your summary of your progress.
*Casts Doom on everything* You all must now feel the pain that I have felt...DIE!

User Info: KingofGames2010

9 years ago#6
This whole metal slime grinding is really annoying. It makes me not want to play much. I've started using the standing in front of the triangular pillar so 2 enemies spawn trick. Running around the dungeon was starting to hurt my thumb.

The last two times I was getting slimes that didn't run away frequently but they later didn't spawn much. I'm trying to kill 10 metals in 30 minutes or less. I don't want to settle for anything over that time but I might. I'll keep trying today. I really want to get over this hurdle...
Dragon Quest IX LSC solo: Coffinwell --> Quarantomb [1:52]
Monster Hunter Tri Name: King ID: VN96FV HR: 106

User Info: KingofGames2010

9 years ago#7
I have made some progress, finally! From my last update:

- Saved before heading off to the Quarantomb. [1:52]

The Quarantomb:
- Picked up Seed of Skill, saved me from having to level up 2 extra levels.
- Grinded up on 10 metal slimes to level 24.
- evac, chimera wing to coffinwell, rested and saved. [2:25]
- Went back to finish off ragin' contagion.

*many events later*

Alltrades Abbey:
- Went inside to tag it for Zoom.
- Went to Porth Llaffan to do the same.
- Did the events to trigger the Tower of Trades.
- Saved before going off to face Master of Nu'un. [2:59]

I could have cut out a minute of two with a few minor mistakes I did but no big deal. I'm not really trying to get one of the best times, I just trying to get the Accolade.

edit: I should have gotten the Ironbroad sword when I got to coffinwell. Seeing as how you don't get a better sword for quite some time. It would have cut some time off from Ragin' Contagion too. I'm going to buy it now and make some Special Medicines.
Dragon Quest IX LSC solo: Alltrades Abbey onto Tower of Trades [2:59]
Monster Hunter Tri Name: King ID: VN96FV HR: 106

User Info: KingofGames2010

9 years ago#8
I haven't updated my progress in awhile...

Porth Llaffan
- 3:25/3:22 saved and went to twyll cave to face Lleviathan.
- beat Lleviathan and leveled up to 25.

- Got the thief's key and went to open the locked chests so far.

The Heights of Loneliness.
- Went through the can to be able to zoom to zere rocks later.

- 4:09/4:09 saved and ready to go onto the bad cave.

I got up to that last week and tried metal medley grinding then I restarted. I got back to bloomingdale. The 2nd times are for my current time. They're about the same except this time I got all the red chest mini medals so far, got the Mercury Bandana for 8 mm and bought a steel mail then alchemized it into gold mail. I settled for 35 minutes in metal grinding instead of trying for 30 though.

I'm going to try using holy water to look for metal medleys in the big room this time. I think that will work better.

My equipment so far:
Cautery Sword.
Bronze Shield.
Mercury's Bandana.
Gold Mail.
Iron Gauntlets.
Blue Jeans.
Celestial Shoes.
Agility Ring. (temporary to be faster than metal medleys)
Dragon Quest IX LSC solo: Bloomingdale onto The Bad Cave Lv25 [4:09]
Monster Hunter Tri Name: King ID: VN96FV HR: 106

User Info: KingofGames2010

9 years ago#9
The Bad Cave.
- I spent an hour and 10 minutes grinding up to Lv.36.
- Evac, zoom to bloomingdale, rested and saved. [5:20]
- The boss is fairly easy, it goes by faster if you don't get poisoned early on.

- tagged it and batsureg for zoom.
- got the magic key and went to get the spiked armor in coffinwell.
- I saved before going into the dungeon. [5:54]
- picked up the magic shield in the dungeon.
- The Boss was easy. The easiest boss since Hexagoon.

- I saved before going to face Larstastnaras. [6:13]
- I tried many times and couldn't beat her...
- I decided to go face an old friend named garth goyle.
- He was a pretty simple boss at my level.
- I went to swinedimples to tag it for zoom and got the red tights.
- The then changed to a warrior and grinded up on a metal slime.
- I put my skill points towards courage and got the +10 strength.
- tried Lars once more and luckily beat her.
- I went to get the life bracer at the grave.

Swinedimples Academy.
- The boss was easier than I thought it would be.
- The life bracer really helped me.
- I got the shield quest for the white shield.

Now, I'm saved at Wormwood Creek ready for The Bow Hole. [7:50]
I have 4 hours to beat the game. If I don't make it I at least have a better Idea. I know where I can cut some time.
Dragon Quest IX LSC solo: Wormwood onto The Bow Hole Lv37 [7:50]
Monster Hunter Tri Name: King ID: VN96FV HR: 106
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