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  3. Any other RPG games that can have character wield a Bo Staff?
richargh 10 years ago#1
It's my favorite weapon and it was a genius idea to put it in as a melee weapon and not just some magic girly weapon that it is usually found in most RPG games. Anyone know any other RPG game that has a character that wields a Bo Staff? I know Diablo 3's monk will be having it... any others?
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gunarm_dyne 10 years ago#2
The hero of Suikoden I wields one and Ark of Terranigma has an arsenal of spears and bos. Those are the only two off the top of my head.
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BahamutRider 10 years ago#4
There's the main character in Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky.

There's also Saiyuki: Journey West, but that's a game starring Goku and some other guys so that's kind of cheating.
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Yggdrasill92 10 years ago#5
One of the characters in Grand Chase can use one, that's where I started liking them.
Duke Darkwood 10 years ago#6
Well, are we talking main characters, or party members in general?

Suikoden Series: I can only vouch for the cardinal games (+Tactics), but every last one of them has a staff wielder (usually multiple), and - as already mentioned above - the first one's hero uses one. Trust me, though, it's not worth bothering to list them all. Heh.

Breath of Fire II: Party member Katt.
Arc the Lad: End of Darkness: Main character Edda.
Final Fantasy VII: Party member Aeris (sort of - the weapon looks more like a bo/quarterstaff than a amge's staff, but it is not really wielded as one).
Phantasy Star's mages sometimes wield their staves in a quarterstaff-like fashion. Rune from PS4 is a good example (when you don't just slam two shields on him and have him cast only).

Several TRPGs have pole/quarterstaff weapons, sometimes with a reach advantage (FFT for example), although I can't remember which all even use the weapon type, much less which give it its own rules.

Of course, just about anything under the (A)D&D license will allow quarterstaves - those and daggers are about the only melee weapons mages get! Some of the more recent ones, due to 3e's reintroduction of the monk, probably can use such staves to great effect. (One character in the Diablo-styled Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II is a good example.)

No doubt there are others. Although, in most console RPGs, characters who wield staves often do it wither as a facilitator for magic, or if they must use it in melee, they simply bludgeon enemies with it. (Granted, especially among older games, graphic limitations hinder how accurately weapons can be animated, so in those cases, I go by what the weapon is said to be.)

P.S. RPGs. Not "RPG games". Before anyone else points it out more pointedly.
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DarkHeroRaven 10 years ago#7
Like BahamutRider said, the main character, Estelle Bright, from The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky uses a Bo Staff. It's a fantastic game with fantastic characters, and if you own a PSP, you should pick it up ASAP.
Dark RPG Wizard 06 10 years ago#8
Duke, do you have a problem with PIN Numbers when applied to ATM Machines? >_>

Aside from ribbing, well said!
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Sulley3 10 years ago#9
Ok, I'll bite. What is a Bo Staff?
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Dark RPG Wizard 06 10 years ago#10
There are a few ways I could answer this. I'm going to try two.

1) Have you ever seen Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles? Donatello, the purple one, wields a long staff of wood. That's a Bo.

2) You know what a quarter-staff is? A Bo is similar. There are details and differences, but for the sake of simplicity, I suppose "Japanese take on Quarter-staff" will do.
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  2. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
  3. Any other RPG games that can have character wield a Bo Staff?
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