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User Info: wmnice

7 years ago#1
How can i become a sage? i am as far as Gittingham palace, and still i can't find the quest for the sage job?

User Info: Coutts2

7 years ago#2
From the main entrance go right, keep heading north until you hit some stairs, read the book in the bookshelf.
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User Info: jayman7

7 years ago#3
Um... it's in Glittingham Palace.
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User Info: jeronimo777

7 years ago#4
You know the small room with the six treasure chests? Go to the right of that, and go upstairs. You should find a couple of book shelves. Go up to the shelf and it will give you the quest that you need to unlock the sage quest.

User Info: Kholdstare_4

7 years ago#5
Inside Gittingham Palace, in the outer ring, the eastern half. Follow those halls until you get to a room with 6 chests and some stairs. Go upstairs, and check the bookcase there.
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User Info: digitalruse

7 years ago#6
On this note, is it possible to get the sage "early" or do you have to wait until you make it to the palace through natural progression?

User Info: WebbOMG

7 years ago#7
When you first walk into the palace go right and hug the wall, ignoring all the doors you can enter. Eventually you will come to some stair before a room full of chests. go up the stairs and examine the bookshelf.

User Info: Nightgazer

7 years ago#8
When you first enter the palace, take the right path and follow it all th way to the end. Go up the stairs and you'll find a bookshelf. The quest is given there. I don't think you can actually complete the quest until later though, since the enemies required don't show up until later.
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User Info: jeronimo777

7 years ago#9
I think you have to get to the final dungeon in order to complete the quest. You are almost there.

User Info: WebbOMG

7 years ago#10
Oh yeah, to complete the quest just progress the story a little bit further.. you'll end up seeing Great Trolls eventually if you do so.

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