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User Info: Ilovemadison

6 years ago#321
Thank you for posting this information. I am still looking to comets quest 61. So finding Shogum will be much easier now. I never really understood how the grottos worked until now. This is awesome information.
Great guide! And yes, I still play!
Gotta change my name.

User Info: AwesomerThanU

5 years ago#323
Really helpful stuff all over the internet on this subject, but this one is the most comprehensive I've come across. When used in conjunction with grotto locators and/or calculators this stuff could be the key to grotto prediction, especially for the grotto noobs who don't really have an instinctive kind of intuition as to what will show up. For them, I don't really think grottos can be as easy as they are for a lot of people. Even without this info, experienced players know by the maps they have completed with certain names roughly what a new one might contain. For people only just scratching the surface of the post game, they can't know what difficulty their grotto is without some help. I believe this is it!

User Info: teximorph

5 years ago#324
i found a level 98 played on it for three hours and got 18 floors how many floors are left?

User Info: teximorph

5 years ago#325
does level effect loot intake?

User Info: Liamland

5 years ago#326
The max number of floors (not counting a grotto boss) is apparently 16. You may have miscounted. If that's the case, then you're close to the boss.

You can plug in as much of the details as you have into Yab's Grotto search and it can usually tell you how many floors, the number and rank of chests and who the boss is.

I'm not sure how best to answer your second question, but in a way, yes. The higher the grotto level the more floors, which means that there will be more blue chests. The chests have different rankings, but you can use the grotto search to find out what the rankings are (A and S are preferable for the better weapons, armor and items.)

The grotto boss drops range between 5-10% for common drops and 2% for rare drops. The Hoimi Table can help considerably if you are farming for rare drops.

User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#327
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: Richter1234

6 months ago#328
This is amazing that this post is still going. My last post in this thread was over 8 years ago.
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