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User Info: Muka

10 years ago#1
I just tested it and got 3 straight 2% rare drop on 3 different treasure map bosses so I can guarantee you it works...on the Japanese version. If nothing was changed in the English version this should work too. Be warned: this may affect your enjoyment of the game since now you can skip all the grinding and turn all 2% rare drop into 100% guaranteed reward so use it at your own risk.

This is kinda how it works: imagine there are 100 squares and 2 of the squares are Red. You start on square 1 and every time you use Heal, you move 1 square. When you are on standing on a red square, that's when you will successfully get a 2% rare drop from a treasure map boss and also your ultimate 5-star equipment alchemy will be successful.

ALL CREDITS GO TO THE JAPANESE GAMERS. I DID NOT DISCOVER THIS. if this is alreayd posted elsewhere, ignore me.

How you do this:

1. Have a character really low on health.

2. Get to the boss floor of the treasure map boss, then use quick save.

3. After quick save, TURN OFF THE SYSTEM. This is a must.

4. Turn on the DS again, and then load the save.

5. Now you are in front of the boss again. Now go check your healer's stat and write down his Heal Magic stat. Go to the Hoimi Table calculator below and type it into the first blank then click the button next to it:


For example, if your healer has a 200 recovery magic stat, you will see the number 49 pop up below. That's the average amount of HP your healer will recover using the standard Heal spell.

6. Now, proceed to use the basic heal spell on your character really low on health. Use a calcuator and write down how much HP he recovered by. Do this 5 times, and type in the 5 numbers in order on the hoimi calculator. You only need 5 numbers, you can leave 6-10 blank.

7. Now click the button at the bottom of the page.

8. This should bring you to the result page where you might see a few links with random numbers and the words JAVASCRIPT / CGI next to it.

9. Click on the Green link (either java or cgi is fine) and ignore all red links. If you do not see a green link, that means you did something wrong.

10. Now you will see a Hoimi table. Right now, you are on the 5th square since you used heal 5 times. Your goal here is to find the next available Red square AND GET TO THE SQUARE **BEFORE** IT. For example, if the next red square is square 18, that means you need to use Heal 12 more times to get to square 17. Note: when you Heal, the character does not actually need to be healed anymore. Even if you get the message "Hero does not need healing" or whatever, THAT IS STILL FINE. All you need to do is click on Heal. Heal All (recover 100HP for all 4 members) will move you 4 squares so you can get to the red square quicker. The upgraded Heal All (priest move where you recover all HP of all 4 members) will even move you 8 squares.

11. When you finally get to the square BEFORE the red square, exit the menu and go fight the boss. DO NOT USE A SPECIAL MOVE in the fight if you happen to get one. That will move you to the next square and mess up the trick. You can do everything else during the fight INCLUDING HEAL, magic spells, weapon-specific moves, etc.

12. When you defeat the boss, you will get the 2% rare drop.

13. If you are using this trick to do the ultimate weapon/equipment alchemy, you do the same thing. Get to the 1 square BEFORE the red square, then go do your alchemy immediately. Even if it says you will only get 10% chance of success, you will actually have a 100% chance of succeeding.


User Info: Muka

10 years ago#2
Here is a youtube demonstration:


Here, the Japanese player got a hoimi table with a red square on square 43. He used heal 5 times at the beginning to get data for the hoimi table so he starts off on square 5. That means he needs to move 37 squares to get to 42 (remember, 1 before the red square). To move 37 squares, you will see that he uses the Heal All HP for All Members move 4 times (8 X 4 = 32 squares), then Heal All once (4 squares), then finally just a standard heal 1 more time (1 square).

32+4+1 = 37.

Then he kills the boss and gets the rare glove.

I know I am not really good at explaining but if you think you understood, go try it on the US version and let me know how it goes. And if it works maybe we can request a sticky.

User Info: KaelAltreul

10 years ago#3
That's kind of awesome.
Way later when I get so damn irritated at those drop rates I'll probably end up doing this just to finish up.
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User Info: naqwix

10 years ago#4
Yikes. Uber. Thanks for the post Muka. It's easy to understand. Will try it out!

User Info: Muka

10 years ago#5
yes, i am 175 hours into the game and i just said screw it, i will cheat. now i am only missing 1 piece of final equipment. then i will start turning them all into 5 stars.
k thx bye lol

User Info: Muka

10 years ago#6
it would be neat if one of you guys can try this on the US version. if it only works on the jpn version then it is kinda meaningless for most of you guys here
k thx bye lol

User Info: Beowulf2010

10 years ago#7
Ah, good old fashioned RNG exploitation. :) Thanks for posting this Muka. It might come in handy in another 100 hours or so. >Grins and goes back to making money through Alchemy<
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User Info: Muka

10 years ago#8
Forgot to say a few things.

- The reason for stopping at the square BEFORE the red square is because doing an ultimate equipment alchemy or beating the treasure map boss will move advance your position in the squares/hoimi table.

- Once you get to the square before the red square, go fight the boss or do the alchemy immediately because there are many things in the game which will also advance you on the squares/hoimi table.
k thx bye lol

User Info: BaKuRi

10 years ago#9
Its like punching yourself untill you get a 4 hit followed by a 2 hit somewhere in the 30s in FF12 I assume? the RNG algorithim effects everything so you can minipulate drops and such with it. Quite a find, I do enjoy.
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User Info: Yuanie

10 years ago#10

This for the alchemy success ;)
The SSB ( Slime Slime Red Slime ) method

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