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lliam89 2 months ago#1
Hey! So I'm using the Persona 3 FES: Fusion Calculator at (arantius.com), and I'm trying to get a Thor by fusing Thor (lvl 58) + Ose (lvl 49) + Take-Mikazuchi (lvl 30)...(I'm trying to pass on some specific skills.)

According to the calculator, the resulting persona should be a Thor. However, when I attempt to select the third persona in the triangle fusion menu, it fades out and won't let me select it. Also, on the right side, which normally displays the resulting persona, it's blank as if that combination is impossible. What gives?

I even checked the gamefaq's fusion chart to verify that the combination is valid, which it looks like it is:
Emperor + Fool = Chariot (Thor is the highest level which means his arcana is calculated last)
Chariot + Chariot = Chariot

Current lvls
(58 + 49 + 30) / 3 + 5 = 51
Base lvls
(53 + 44 + 24) / 3 + 5 = 45

The last two Chariot arcana persona are Koumokuten (base lvl 43) & Thor (base lvl 53). And whether you use the base lvls or current lvls in the calculation, Thor should be the result.

Any help in better understanding this issue would be greatly appreciated!
MetaFails 2 months ago#2
You can't fuse for something you already have.
And that's how you do it.
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