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Nilfalasiel 3 months ago#1
So I've been following the Max Social Link guide, but it looks like I messed up on the Chariot link between Rank 8 and 9. The guide says I should hit Rank 9 on 9/11, but all I get is a "spend time" sequence. I suspect what happened is that I didn't have a Chariot persona on me during the Film Festival, as it's not actually clear from the guide that you're supposed to (no breakdown of points earned for each film).

So my question is, is there a quick opportunity to get back on track at some point? An upcoming Koromaru walk where I can bump into Kaz, perhaps? It's especially annoying because I need Thor for Elizabeth's request to perform Thunder Call, and I don't know whether there are other requests locked behind that one.

It's the only Social Link I'm having an issue with so far.
snbnzkra 3 months ago#2
Well, Thor and the Thunder Call request have no deadline or other quests with deadlines locked behind them, so you don't particularly need a quick fix. I'm not sure if you run into Kaz with Koromaru around that time. Just replace a Star, Moon or Emperor SL event with Chariot if you want to finish Chariot earlier than any of those for some reason. Otherwise, there will be opportunities to make up for a lost day (much) later in the game - From the max SL guide, 25 Jan is a free school day Monday, so if all else fails you have that day for any of these 4 SLs.
Nilfalasiel 3 months ago#3
Great, that's good to hear, thanks!
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