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Ideosinkrasee 10 months ago#1
I'm aware I'm posting in the Persona 3 board, so I expect some bias, but does anyone have thoughts on the order of Persona games from best to worst? I'm debating which game to get next in the series!
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Davidovich1985 10 months ago#2
Well, which ones have you played? I personally consider all games in the series besides P1 to be very good and easy to recommend, and even the original is interesting for its time.
1Tekkaman 9 months ago#3
My personal ranking: 4 > 5 > 3FES > 3 > P3P > 2 Innocent Sin. Haven't played Eternal Punishment or the original game, but I watched part of a playthrough of the latter and was not impressed.
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KazumiAmano 9 months ago#4
I'm gonna use only the final version of P3, 4, and 5 as a basis. For me, I'd say:

P5R > P2:EP > P4G > P2:IS > PSP Persona 1 > P3P

I actually love them all, the fact that P3P and FES are my least favorites is more about liking the formula it started, better, in its sequels.

Probably gonna get a little flak for liking P5R best but gameplay wise it's just the king. So much to do, so much progression to be made.

Story wise I like P2: EP best but it's pretty outdated as a game ... nostalgia at work here. I actually like the character art of Persona 2 in general the best, and the music's pretty distinct, kinda like pop x synth. IS is similar but less polished, though a lot of people like the story better in IS. I started with EP so it changed how I perceived it.

P4 Golden was the pinnacle of the P3 formula till Royal came out. I think P4 in general is a huge improvement over P3 in almost every way unless you prefer the darker, city atmosphere and character.

My first Persona was the original on PS1 but that's ridiculously aged by now, though there's a good reason the series continued from it rather than dying there.
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lolthabetic 9 months ago#5
I'll try to not get into spoilers while writing this xd

My ranking

P5R > P3FES > P4

Gameplay wise, I say Persona 5 Royal is the best. It has good graphics and is the most stylish persona game I've ever seen. It's also really fun to play with the All out attack sequences and the Showtime sequences that it makes you want to play more.

Story wise, I would say Persona 3 is the best. I haven't finished it yet so take this review with a grain of salt. The first time I played Persona 3, I spent over 15 hours just sitting on my ass playing this game. The plot was pretty interesting and it just made me want to play more to find out what is happening and why. This game has a darker tone than the other persona games though, It's not like Shin Megoomi Tensay levels of dark but It's semi dark from time to time. All in all, good game, still playing it till now.

Character wise, I would say Persona 4 is the best. This is one of the few games that actually made me feel what the characters were feeling. Whenever the characters would get sad, I would also get sad to sympathize with them. It's also one of the funniest games I've ever played, contrary to persona 3 this game is really light hearted (sometimes) and the chemistry of the group is incredible. It makes me feel like I actually have friends xd.

I've never played P1 or P2 so I can't give my opinions on those but I've heard that P2 has the best story, and P1 is just average.
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bill114 7 months ago#7
Story: 3>5>=4
Characters: 3>4>5
Gameplay: 5>4>3
Music: 5>3>4

Overall: 3>5>4

They were all great games though.
enkidu52 7 months ago#8
Ideosinkrasee posted...
I'm aware I'm posting in the Persona 3 board, so I expect some bias, but does anyone have thoughts on the order of Persona games from best to worst? I'm debating which game to get next in the series!

I’ve only played 4 on vita, 5, then 5 royal and now first time playing this game

honestly so far this might be my favorite

if I was ranking then p3 fes, 5 royal, last p4 golden

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Ideosinkrasee 7 months ago#9

I decided to do Persona 4 and then 3. Looking to minimize the QOL hits, as I figure that jumping back from 5 to 4 won't hurt that much and then when I'm done, 4-3 won't sting as much. I now have them both on PS2 because I roll like that.

Thanks everyone!
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P2PSelfPuppet 7 months ago#10
No doubt, this is my final from P3 to P5.



P3 is a little too slow and grindy for me, if it wasn't for turbo mode, I would have stuck in this game for months, unnecessary. Turbo mode literally made the game run as fast as P4 in x1.1, so it only fixed the rediculous slow pace that the game have instead of making the game progress faster. P3's Shuffle Time is literally Suffer Time to me for its rediculous ways to shuffle the card and ensuring that you don't get the thing you want most of the time. The story is fine, but I do not felt being oppressed in choosing the right choice at the critical moment, thus it is pretty easy to get the true ending.

P4 is great, the story progress fast, the grinding is fast and Shuffle Time s actually fun this time. I am literally MIND BLOWN seeing how Shuffle Time in P4 being so generous to the player. Although it is not the best as it can be a little too easy, but at least P4 is a great experience for beginners! Among the three games, P4 true ending is relatively hard to acquire if you slack out on arcana and does not think too much about the culprit, you also get to become bad guy through a quite hidden method. Thus I say it has the best plot as it requires you to perform multiple choices and some dilemma affecting you to get the right ending.

P5 is amazing. Although this game is basically hand-holding you throughout the game and gave you like a bunch of tips to ensure that you know most of the thing without you finding out yourself, but the grinding part and the story part and fairly balance. Especially in P5R the player gets more unfair privilege which made the game like twice the easier. The story, as I said, basically a hand-holding if you do the part right, then it slightly let go off your hand in some obvious choices of choosing between the right and wrong. It could have been better than P3, but sadly P3 has more impact on me than what P5 can give, so yeah.
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