Better on PS3 or PCSX2?

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User Info: SteveGrabowski

3 months ago#1
After how much I have enjoyed Persona 5 I want to play some of the earlier games like Nocturne and Persona 3 FES. I don't have a PS2 and my PS3 isn't BC, but the Playstation Store has Persona 3 FES as a PS2 Classic. So I assume that's just using the software emulator. Is the emulation good on the PS3? Or would I be better off playing this game on PCSX2? I have a decently strong cpu (Xeon E3-1231v3) which runs emulators pretty well (eg PCSX2, Dolphin, most games on Cemu, some games on RPCS3, etc). Any advice on the best way to play Persona 3 FES without a PS2?

User Info: sleeping0dragon

3 months ago#2
I played the game back on PS2 and then later on PS3 as a PS2 classic. For the latter, I didn't notice any glaring issues, but it wasn't like I was comparing the two games side by side. So I would say it is good.

I don't know about the PC emulation, but based on what I've seen of the undub playthroughs on Youtube, it seems fine too. I've been thinking of trying out the emulation with the undub patch myself, but never had much time to look into it.

If you're going from P5 to P3, just keep your expectations in check. P5 definitely had a lot of quality of life stuff that were later added into that game along with P4 so hopefully that won't turn you away from completing P3.
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User Info: Swyldp

3 months ago#3
PS3 emulation is perfectly fine. If your tv screen is too big, the stretched image might look a little blurry.

If your computer can run it at full speed, PCSX2 is fine too. If you're the type of person who likes using save states, then you might prefer that, especially since P3 only lets you save the game in two locations, while P5 lets you save nearly anywhere.

User Info: patoriku_tora

3 months ago#4
I'm running it on my laptop (HP Pavilion with NVIDIA GeForce 940 MX) using PCSX2 and it runs smoothly. I connect my laptop to my Xbox One using HDMI and play it using one of my PS4 controllers. At first I had some graphical issues like characters hair being messed up and the walls being messed up but I changed the settings and now it works perfectly.
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User Info: deathreaper696

3 months ago#5
pcsx2 because if you want to you can save state where ever you want.
you can also use gameshark codes if you wish to cheat your way through if you so desire.
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User Info: NekoArcueid

3 months ago#6
Play it on PS3 really, there's something emulation can't bring you when playing a game, specially this kind of games, and the ps2 classics graphics is quite good, much better than using component cable in the ps2

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