would any one honestly, really buy doax3?

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  3. would any one honestly, really buy doax3?

User Info: glain64

5 years ago#1
some seem to want it, my self included, would any of you even buy it?
I probably would btw

User Info: Tysakasa

5 years ago#2
Give it 5's visuals, more side games or improve what's already there, maybe bring back local two player and possibly add four player online and sure. The volleyball games were a good relaxer when compared to the rest of my collection. Oh and same or similar music, the tracks were solid, even the ones that I don't like the artists to.

User Info: tee316

5 years ago#3
Sure, though I would like to see it be a much better game then DOAX2.

User Info: G_gglypuff

5 years ago#4

Unless the game completely fool us by name and turns out to be a work of art.

User Info: Flippyman

5 years ago#5
I would like up to 4 players local. But even if not, I would buy it anyway.

User Info: double_O7

5 years ago#6
Sadly, yes. I would probably buy it.
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User Info: Tysakasa

5 years ago#7
Flippyman posted...
I would like up to 4 players local. But even if not, I would buy it anyway.

I think one of the main reasons they removed the local play was because if you remember the first game, where the camera sits does make it a bit difficult to follow where the volleyball is unless you have some kind of rainbow ball going. It's not overly bad, at least for two players, but four would make it a little more difficult unless they plant the camera in some crappy static location where you can't really get in on the action. So two player local is a easier to keep a good flow with while four online is completely easy as they can have to camera focus more around the player's character with some follow on the ball.

Of course they could have removed the local simply because they wanted people to play it online instead of locally.

User Info: wave1000

5 years ago#8
Should have made that game instead of this really. So many people from the community was said to have feed back in making the game but there choices got thrown out and the community did a really bad job supporting this game.

DOAX players Im sure would support that game because they know what they are getting. unless TN mess up again with crazy unlock system.
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User Info: cyric79

5 years ago#9
yes. I would absolutely buy it (as long as they use the girls faces from DoA5).
I spent many hours getting all the achievements for DoAX2. I would do the same for DoAX3.
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User Info: spectrelead2

5 years ago#10
yes, i would most likely get a third DoAX game if one were made.
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