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User Info: Gnifty

10 years ago#1

I just ordered it for the PSP and I wonder what the difference between the versions are.

I already know that you cannot swap cannons (wonder why, it´s important) and that the sea-battle-screen has a different interface (can´t see my speed anymore I think), as well as the dancing minigame.

Anyone know of anything else?


User Info: Zelcron

10 years ago#2
You pretty much nailed. Also, the factions are more aggressive in hunting pirates, and Ships of the Line are nearly impossible to find.
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User Info: Gnifty

10 years ago#3
Ah, thanks, well those are differences I can live with.

User Info: Mr_Zach

10 years ago#4
You can too swap between grape shot and chain shot and round shot if that's what your wondering... All you do is press triangle I think if i remember right.

User Info: aehyde85

10 years ago#5
My question is, are you able to walk on land to find the treasures and your family members as in the PC version or does it just show a cut scene of you finding the treasure/family member. I really hope the PSP version has that because that was one of the best parts of the PC version but I was disappointed to find they removed it in the xbox version... Also, did they remove it in the Xbox Live Original version that you can purchase from the marketplace??

User Info: LunarSerenity

10 years ago#6
I've never played the PC version (owned the NES one), and you have to sail to a landmark, then you can get out and walk around it (with a map inside) to find your treasure. You cannot walk around the land randomly - as soon as you land it tells you that after days of searching, your crew finds nothing.

In the NES version, you used to be able to attack a town by ship - without being enemies of that nation. Can you do that in this game? I don't have the manual...
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  3. Differences between PSP- and PC-Version
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