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User Info: rowdi1audi

7 years ago#11
KevinKarnage posted...
I almost bought this a couple times and now I am glad I didn't. This was a pleasant surprise. Definitely the best "free" game from Plus to date (for me at least...)

I just got to the Mexican jungle and my bike is waiting for me. I want to leave work early to day!

Same here. Really glad I waited now.
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User Info: AmuroRei78

7 years ago#12
I got it as the Tomb Raider trilogy in HD. I played it years ago, was one of my first platinums but it looked so much better in HD i had to play it again.

All you have to do with the treasure glitch is check your PDA each time to make sure it registers and not play continusiously. Apparently a level a time.

User Info: DizzyDavidson

7 years ago#13
Games like this really makes PS+ worth it. I didn't even know TR had an HD trilogy out until a couple of months ago, so I was really glad when I saw this on PSN :P
Got it "platinum"-ed already and I only came across two glitches. One is getting stuck in walls which is pretty easy to get out of (just try to roll around, eventually you get yourself free). The other one however was a near game breaking one but I got lucky with that. For some reason the final two cutscenes didn't start instead I got a black screen and all I could do is die but than it would put me back to the same spot and the black screen would kick in again after a few secs. The only thing that seemed to help is to reload a previously saved file (which wasn't far - the lucky part) and redo it from there (it worked after that).

Overall a really good game and I just feel I should pick up the trilogy on disc :)
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User Info: dratsablive

7 years ago#14
Played this first on the Wii, then was happy to see it as a freebie on PSN+ (along with Hydrophobia, and Marvel Pinball).
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