Why do people like this game so much??

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User Info: EnderX_19

9 years ago#1
Hear me out first, I'm not here to just bash on the game. I played it, and I enjoy old school rpgs.

that said, why do people like this one so much? I couldn't get into it. I thought the character creator was enjoyable, until I got into the game and realized that maybe I did it all wrong. start of game, with 5 points in sword, and I have a 43% chance to hit? it annoyed me.
I didn't think much of the quests, or the enemies. if you are looking for old school fun, A much better game/series to try is Avernum. they just released Avernum V, and it's much better than this game.

imo of course.

SCREW classic literature.

User Info: KewlioMZX

9 years ago#2
Well, fans of roguelikes will definitely enjoy this game. It has a very simplistic isometric interface that's fun to play with, though it'd be better if you could play with the keyboard. It's true that the level-up system is kinda slow-moving...lots of EXP for little reward. But it's still a fun game, I find.

As for Avernum...not playing that. Way too many coincidental names and character relations compared to my own life...freaky @_x
Insanity is all I have to keep from going insane.
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  3. Why do people like this game so much??

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