First Two Quests in the Demo (Help)

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User Info: zmonkey

10 years ago#1
I was actually thinking of buying this game, but after a good start where I was ready to pull out my credit card, I ran into a huge problem: the first two quests are not do-able.

First of all, where is this guy who needs the potion on the Salted Coast? I went to the Salted Coast, killed every slime there, and saw no sick old man waiting for a potion. Where is he????

Secondly, the blacksmith in Aridell told me to go to his wine cellar in the abandoned town to get his mithril. I went there and there was nothing but two rooms and a torch. I saw more rooms in unreachable areas of the cellar, which obviously means there is another stairway down somewhere else in the town...but I can't find it. Any spoilers you guys could give me?

I actually pitched this game to friends and thought this would be a nice Ultima 7-esque throwback, but after these two pitifully described and implemented quests, I'm wondering if it's worth it. I want to love it, I really do...but this OLD man (I won't even dare say how old for fear of being laughed at) doesn't have the time to spend 3 hours walking around a tiny portion of the map hoping a quest NPC materializes.

Spoil me, please. If I get past this, chances are I'll buy the game.

User Info: ksanuk

10 years ago#2


In the cellar move to the NE corner of the large room with the wine racks. There's a pressure plate there that opens a hidden door.

The sick guy is in a house on the far north west corner of the Salted Coast map.


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