Lever in Aridell

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User Info: aptdwn26

10 years ago#1
There is a leaver in the Blacksmith shop in Aridell which is blocked by a chest. I destroyed the chest and pulled the lever, but I don't know what the lever actually opened. Anyone know?

User Info: LetMeGuess

10 years ago#2
How did you destroy the chest?!!! I'm trying to figure out how that works because there's a barrel blocking the entrance to the rest of Grimmhold & in Vela.

User Info: LetMeGuess

10 years ago#3
Nevermind. I can't believe i went through half the game not realizing i could smash barrells. Anyway maybe because I have the Mac Version. I will figure out what that lever does and get back to you.

User Info: ksanuk

10 years ago#4


If it makes you feel any better, I had no idea either. Still don't, btw, so if someone can tell me how to do it that would be great.


User Info: thenewzer0

10 years ago#5
To break barrels and chests just shift+click the object. It takes a while and can break your weapon, but it works.

User Info: JSDarkwood

10 years ago#6
The lever apparently does nothing. I've heard that there's no coding for it to do anything.
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