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Paul1223 2 years ago#1
How much do your Sims earn each? Please state which job they have.

Other things to know:
Both are Vampires with the Immortal Lifetime Reward
They have a Motive Mobile each and that future PC as well in their inventories.
I have been playing for quite a while now.
They have been multi-millionaires for a while now as they live in a simple house that I built myself. I've been running a 'rent' system. Adding people to rent a room and their wages being their 'Rent.' I have all of the expansions installed, meaning that I have a varied amount of jobs for those others. When they eventually move out, I tend to buy them a house too.

Male Sim:
At least 21k per day (still rising as listed below under how.)
Job: Level 10, Agent Branch of the Law Enforcement Job.
How: He gets raises every two 2 days. He has the Workaholic trait and has the Technology degree, so, I could make it every workday if I wanted due to the Work from Home. I did this early on to get his money up fast.

Female Sim:
At least 14k per day
Job: Level 10, Forensic Specialist branch of the Law Enforcement Job.
How: She also has a Technology degree, although I believe that she got it later than her husband. (I say that I believe it to be because I've been playing these characters for quite a while now over several weeks.) She used to have the Workaholic trait, but doesn't anymore. I may add it back later as she's falling behind badly in terms of wages and add to her wages and supposedly, the wages for the Forensic Specialist Branch is meant to have somewhat higher than the Agent branch. Although she gets raises more often than not despite this.

Final thoughts:
Given that both of my Sims are in the law enforcement career, they have a rather comfortable amount of money per day and have similar hours. (in that she works two hours longer. Yet she makes less money... Hmm.)
I know that there are easier ways to make money, but I find that having the two give me an insane amount, given that they work both four times a week.

Side note to anyone that could help:
I have been having issues with the inventory. I can't pick up and drag things from either inventories into the world. There are two more Motive Mobiles in the Family inventory. (I got bored and added them with the renters.) Allowing the Renter to have their own. Sometimes, I add two or a second person. I have just started a reinstall to see if that will help.
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Numzy 2 years ago#2
sad to say I usually make more than a few ten thousands in just under a couple of hours of my first day in the sims world. I tend to pick genie when going for a perfect run, being as they can spawn food and clean themselves/ house, but more importantly they can ensorscal most sims.

After beginning my run, I head to a festival or park, wait for a few sims, and mind control them with ensorcel, then I procede to let them charitably donate their vehicles to myself and sell them for a few hundred thousand :). Afterwards I take all the money I make and Buy up some real estate and make the venues 3 stars as fast and as cheaply as possible... procede to doing this for a few days and I have a set up of a hundred grand a week with no job.

From there I do what comfortably, and usually single since It allows me to perfect 1 sim as fast as possible. Keep in mind food is free for me so living expenses, usually just comprise of the bill, and living in a tiny starter house im making 100x more than is going out.

At any time If i want to get a huge jump in money I can always open the numzy is poor car charity auction like I did in the beginning of the run.

so my income actually varies, there are probably even better methods to making money, but i recommend thinking outside a job for that, for instance i was making multiple thousands of dollars a day in sims 1 by selling gargoyles, which was a lot back in that game.
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gtomanga 1 year ago#3
5k every-time my MC goes to work,

764 for the hold meetings.
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