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User Info: bambitheslug

9 years ago#1
i doubt anyones returning to this board at least not for a long time but anyway i just bought this game cause it was $5 and man i cannot believe what i was missing this game is great its so fun and interesting and addicting i find it hard to believe that it got bad reviews

i remember wanting this when the ps3 first came out but i didnt have a credit card i could use and it was $10 but for $5 its a steal
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User Info: gonzagylot

9 years ago#2
yeah, it's a pretty crazy game.... damn addicting.---
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User Info: bambitheslug

9 years ago#3
i really like the variety in enemies it forces you to play differently every time

also a lot of reviewers said that it was too hard but that's the point of the game it's meant to be challenging otherwise you'd just sit in a corner and shoot all day

i'm really impressed by the amount of content this game comes with, even compared to more modern psn games this has a lot of levels, i just wish it had multiplayer but it's hard to complain with the amount of stuff for $5
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