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User Info: ZeRoOo_CoOoL

11 years ago#81
haddy a39abek :p <--- only davi lord will understand it :p
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User Info: Lord_Davi

11 years ago#82
With the statues you have to turn the handles at the base to get them to face the centre then stand on the plate.

As for the bridge I believe that is the exit bridge and only opens from the other side (Ie when you leave)

User Info: MigGui

11 years ago#83
I guess he already turned the handles at the base of the statues, they all face the center and still nothing happens. And I'm guessing that because this is exactly what's happening to me. Should I restart the whole mod? :S

User Info: metroidprime4ev

11 years ago#84
I am having a glitch where the prophet doesn't appear, I have patched the game. does it matter that I patch straight to 2.whatever from 1.0???

User Info: wes91

11 years ago#85

hello. i'm having a problem with knights of the nine. for some reason i can start the quest but i can't seem to recieve the vision. i have gone to all the wayshrines noted on the map and prayed at all of them. i have recieved the pilgrim spell thingy and for some reason no vision. i have played Kotn on the ps3 so i have comlpeted this quest many times. i noted on the ps3 that after i prayed at each wayshrine i recieved an update to my quest noting that i prayed at so and so shrine. i have the oblivion game of the year edition for the pc. is there some update that was already put onthe software for kotn that disabled that quest journal update? for everytime i pray at the shrines, i dont see that quest update. i dont know if this helps any but i activated the shrine again and it said "you need greater fame to be noted worthy" or something like that.i've done this twice and after the first time didn't work, i reinstalled the kotn and it hasn't seemed to fix it. on the first time i played it after seeing the more fame needed message, i played the game for quite a few more hours playing the fighters guild and the arena in order to get more fame but nothing yet.

p.s.: sry if i brought up an already solved issue

User Info: Lord_Davi

11 years ago#86
Have you enabled kotN in the Oblivion Launcher?
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User Info: Oblivion_rocks

11 years ago#87
what console code do i need 2 enter when i have gone to all the wayshrines but can't get the vision, email me at skwelcher@hotmail.com

User Info: Ichigo04291982

11 years ago#88
I brought the copy of Knights of the Nine on the shop and when i tried to install it there was no setup.exe on the disk, so how do i install the game.

User Info: ajkks

10 years ago#89
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: mdduncan

10 years ago#90
I completed the Knights of Nine quests on my PS3 version of ES4. You know that stand at Priory of the Nine that hplds the relics on display? Well I try to equip them but this message pops up saying I need to be forgiven for my sins to equip the relics. So I visit a wayshrine but another pops up saying I need to continue my penance to earn the God's forgiveness. What the hell is that supposed to mean?
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  3. Knights of the Nine FAQ: Look here for answers and expect spoilers
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