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  3. Anyone still play this?

User Info: tangela24

5 years ago#1
Just curious is all...
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User Info: Wariodorf

5 years ago#2
I'm actually playing it right now.

User Info: Windrider357

5 years ago#3
Same here.

User Info: bmann44

5 years ago#4
same here
anyone in Aus

User Info: Buzz_Lightyear

5 years ago#5
Played it a couple hours ago, actually.
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User Info: Nazgl5LordofNaz

5 years ago#6
I just found out that they shut down the Banjo-Kazooie forum. I haven't been this upset since LotR: Conquest lost its servers...the Beyond the Impossible thread over there was absolutely amazing. Some of the builds people made...never to be seen again.

Why do I always have to love unpopular games? Gonna have to hunt through the web archives methinks.
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User Info: Arnox

5 years ago#7
Yep. Just popped it back in recently after a long break from it. I think it's safe to say that I'm now officially tired with playing and building by myself. I've got quite the back catalog of awesome vehicles and am now in the show-off-my-pimpin'-rides phase. What would be cool is if we got a bunch of people together and started playing this game every week or so.

User Info: sirbular4885

5 years ago#8
Still playing it here. One of the most underrated games every made. IMO.
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User Info: Nazgl5LordofNaz

5 years ago#9
Underrated indeed. It was certainly flawed, but a ridiculous amount of fun. Coming up with a vehicle for each challenge was just awesome, and then with some of the special pieces like...detachers and tow-bars? Was that what they were called? The things you can build in this game are just ludicrous.

I managed to make a VTOL fighter jet, a two-stage shuttle with launch platform, an aircraft carrier, a stealth bomber, and so much more. And I barely scratched the surface.

...Ngh. Want to play this again, but have to find the Xbox video cable...
*waits until someone says something funny to quote*

User Info: trooperkris

5 years ago#10
This game is great :D
I enjoy it so much, i sent an email to rare, telling them how great it was, and how I have recommended this game to everyone who games. I read that they keep on file all the emails they are sent saying how good this game is, and about players wanting a sequel, so if you love it and want another one, send em an email lol
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