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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

10 years ago#1
All credit goes to these users: Robbie__P , Jeteye1 and Ghostly123

Q: What is Halo Wars?
A: Halo Wars is the next real-time strategy game from Ensemble Studios. Designed exclusively for the Xbox 360, Halo Wars allows you to take charge of the human UNSC and Covenant armies and see the Halo universe from a totally new perspective.

Q: Where does Halo Wars take place in the Halo timeline?
A: Halo Wars takes place before the first Halo FPS game, during the UNSCs initial deadly encounters with the Covenant.

Q: Will I be able to play as the Covenant?
A: Yes, the Covenant are playable in Halo Wars but only in Multiplayer.

Q: Will I be able to play Halo Wars on Xbox 360 and PC?
A: Halo Wars is for the Xbox 360 exclusively.

Q: Other RTS games that have transitioned to console have had issues with controls, how will “Halo Wars” improve on the formula?
A: Halo Wars was created for the Xbox 360 from the ground up, which meant Ensemble didn't have to make compromises or shoe-horn in artifacts from a Windows PC game. They were able to take all the best aspects of RTS games, make them work perfectly on the Xbox 360, and exclude the rest. Below is the current control scheme.

• A: Select individual squad; hold to "Paint Select" groups
• B: Cancel selection
• X: Move/Gather/Primary Attack
• Y: Secondary Attack
• Right-D-Pad: Jump to alerts.
• Left D-Pad: Move/cycle to Base Location(s)
• Up D-Pad: Spirit Of Fire/Leader Menu.
• Down D-Pad: Move/Cycle to next Army
• Left Stick: Move Camera
• Right Stick: Rotate/Zoom Camera
• Right Bumper: Select Local Units.
• Left Bumper: Select Global Units.
• Right Trigger: Cycle through groups of units in current selection
• Left Trigger: Hold to quickly move the camera
• Back: Objectives
• Start: In-game Menu and Options

Q: What kind of soundtrack can we expect to hear?
A: Ensemble Studios began recording the music for the game in March of 2008, with Ensemble's Music and Sound Director Stephen Rippy flying to Prague for the orchestral and choral parts and Seattle for the piano and mixing.

Q: What role will the Forerunners play in Halo Wars?
A: Forerunner structures and Sentinels will be making an appearance in the game. Players who encounter upon Sentinel Production Facilities will have the opportunity to capture the building and produce several types of Sentinels to aid their army. Players will also be able to capture Forerunner relics to increase Supply production. Each relic is equivalent to an Heavy Supply Pad. Other Forerunner structures supply the controlling player with shields to block certain paths and some also provide a unit cap increase.

Q: Will Master Chief Petty Officer John 117 appear in Halo Wars?
A: Unfortunately, no. Halo Wars takes place in the year 2531, during the time the Master Chief is busy fighting UNSC Rebels. However, Spartans will be usable units. You can have a maximum of 3 Spartans deployed at one time and they don't effect your unit cap.

Q: Is there a demo?
A: A public demo of Halo Wars has already been released on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Q: Will there be an FPS mode?
A: No. Halo Wars is a Real Time Strategy game. No First Person Shooter elements will be present in the game.

Q: How do you construct your base?
A: Players start with a base that contains several sockets from which players add-on new buildings or turrets.

Q: Will there be a map editor?
A: A map editor MIGHT be available for Halo Wars. Whether it will be DLC or ship with the game is undetermined. Ensemble hasn't confirmed or denied anything.

Q: How many missions are there?
A: The Halo Wars Campaign contains 15 missions.

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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

10 years ago#2
Q: What will multiplayer be like?
A: Halo Wars' live gaming characteristics include direct voice communication & online leader boards. There's no specific information regarding to the player ranking. As of now, multiplayer is said to be up to 6 players at a time in a match. Two player online Co-op for the campaign story will also be in the game. It has also been stated that online games would be rather quick, estimated at around 15-20 minutes per game.

Q: Is there a unit/population cap?
A: Yes, there is. It's 30/40, UNSC/Covenant respectively, and both can be upgraded by 10.

Q: What units/vehicles/structures are available to the UNSC?

Confirmed UNSC Infantry:

• Marines: Marines are the basic infantry. They have the special ability to throw grenades.
- Upgrade: New Blood: Additional Marines added to squad
- Upgrade: RPG: Marines use Rocket Launchers in place of grenades.
- Upgrade: Medic: Adds a Medic to each squad that can heal squad after combat.

• Flamethrower: Marine specialists with heavier armor and flamethrowers.
- Upgrade: Flash Bangs: Flamethrower Marines can through disorienting flash-bang grenades as their Special Attack.
- Upgrade: Napalm: Flamethrowers do extra damage.
- Upgrade: Oxide Tanks: Flamethrowers have better range and do even more damage.

• Spartan Group OMEGA: Individual SPARTAN II units, superior to all other infantry. SPARTAN IIs can hijack Covenant vehicles.
- Upgrade: Chain gun: SPARTAN II units carry a AIE-486H HMG into combat.
- Upgrade: Neural Implant: SPARTAN II units can hijack vehicles quicker.
- Upgrade: Spartan Laser: SPARTAN II units use a powerful Spartan Laser.

Confirmed UNSC Vehicles:

• Warthog: A lightly armored, fast and nimble scout vehicle. Along with infantry units, can collect discovered resource crates. Can run over enemies.
- Upgrade: Gunner: Adds a machine gun to the Warthog.
- Upgrade: Grenadier: Adds a Marine with grenade launcher to the passenger seat.
- Upgrade: Gauss Cannon: Replaces machine gun for damage increase.

• Scorpion: The mainline UNSC vehicle, this tank is an armored, mobile weapons platform.
- Upgrade: Canister Shell: Special attack with blast radius, devastating to Infantry.
- Upgrade: Power Turret: Doubles turret turning speed.

• Cobra: A counter-vehicle unit. Can enter Deploy mode and become an artillery unit that is effective against buildings.
- Upgrade: Deflection Plating: Gives vehicle extra protection.
- Upgrade: Piercing Shot: Upgrades to rail gun that can penetrate multiple targets, damaging each.

• Wolverine: A counter-air unit. This vehicle is fast, maneuverable, and covered with anti-air missile pods. Also effective against buildings.
- Upgrade: Volley: A barrage attack that engages any ground targets.
- Upgrade: Dual Launchers: Increases number of missile launchers for more damage.

Confirmed UNSC Aircraft:

• Hornet: Mainline UNSC air unit. A versatile single-seat, fast attack aircraft armed with a Gatling gun and rockets.
- Upgrade: Wingmen: Adds Marines riding shotgun to boost damage.
- Upgrade: Chaff Pod (passive ability): Better avoidance of missile fire.
- Can upgrade to Hawk super unit equipped with laser beams if Professor Anders is your leader.

• Vulture: UNSC super unit (good against everything). Advanced air-weapons platform that can unleash devastating damage on all targets.
- Upgrade: Mega Barrage: Doubles the number of missile salvos in a barrage attack.

Confirmed UNSC Structures:

• Fortress: This semi-permanent structure dropped from the Spirit of Fire contains a Command Center, seven building sites, and four Turret foundations. Other non-primary base facilities, called Firebases and Stations, may also be found, built, and upgraded on a given map. Can train Warthogs and unique Leader units.

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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

10 years ago#3
• Turret: Fixed gunnery/tracking systems for base defense.
- Upgrade: May enable one specialized defensive add-on. The 3 choices are anti vehicle/air/infantry.

• Supply Pad: Allows you to receive resources from the Spirit of Fire.
- Upgrade: Heavy Supply Pad: Increases resources gathered over time.

• Barracks: Trains Marines, Flamethrowers, and Spartans.

• Reactor: Hybrid-fusion Reactor that allows access to greater technologies. Upgrades and some units may require up to four Reactor technology units.
- Upgrade: Advanced Reactor: Counts as two regular Reactors.

• Vehicle Depot: Trains Scorpions, Cobras, and Wolverines.

• Air Pad: Trains Hornets and Vultures.

• Field Armory: Enables special upgrades, including Leader specific ones.
- Upgrade: Adrenaline: Boosts Infantry speed.
- Upgrade: Reserves: Trains units faster.
- Upgrade: Medium/Large Turret: Increases damage and hit points.
- Upgrade: Reinforcements: Increases unit cap by 10.

Q: What units/vehicles/structures are available to the Covenant?

Confirmed Covenant Infantry:

• Grunt: Main Covenant infantry unit. Slow and short- ranged. Starts with plasma pistol. Can throw plasma grenades.
- Upgrade: Peons: Adds two Grunts to each squad.
- Upgrade: Needler: Upgrades Plasma Pistol to Needler for more damage.
- Upgrade: Deacon: Adds a Grunt Deacon to squads to increase combat values through spirituality.

• Jackal: Counter-infantry unit. Starts with medium-range carbine.
- Upgrade: Defensive Gauntlet: Adds energy shield to deflect incoming projectiles (collapses after taking too much damage).
- Upgrade: Beam Rifle: Upgrades weapon to particle-beam rifle for increased damage
- Upgrade: Supreme Gauntlet: Shield no longer collapses when taking damage.

• Hunter: Counter-vehicle unit. Uses Fuel Rod Cannon.
- Upgrade: Bonded Shield: Adds the iconic Hunter Shield, which deflects projectiles.
- Upgrade: Spirit Bond: Increases damage output while both Hunters in bonded pair are alive.
- Upgrade: Assault Beam: Fuel rod cannon upgrades to fuel rod beam for mega damage.

Confirmed Covenant Vehicles:

• Ghost: Scout unit that starts with twin frontal guns (can collect supplies from resource crates).
- Upgrade: Boosted Ram: Enables the Boosted Ram special attack to overrun enemies.
- Upgrade: Strafe Can better dodge incoming grenade and rocket attacks.
- Upgrade: Scout Shield Adds an energy shield to deflect some incoming damage.

• Wraith: Main Covenant battle tank with good speed and excellent range. Armed with plasma mortar and turret.
- Upgrade: Heavy Shield: Adds energy shield which deflects some incoming damage.
- Upgrade: Scorch: Special attack leaves a bubbling plasma splash on the ground for added damage.
- Upgrade: Plasma Modulator: Large boost to plasma mortar damage.

• Locust: Counter-building vehicle. Armed with plasma beam and energy shields.
- Upgrade: Overdrive: Enables Overdrive special attack, which drains shields to boost damage.
- Upgrade: Shield Amplifier: Increases regeneration rate of energy shields.

• Scarab: Covenant super unit. Expensive to construct. Heavily armored/shielded. Capable of unleashing devastation on all classes of targets. Can not be hijacked by Spartans.

Confirmed Covenant Aircraft:

• Engineer: Support unit. Instead of attacking, Engineers heal friendly units and buildings.
- Upgrade: State of Grace: Increased rate of healing and repair.
- Upgrade: Harmonious Digestion: Increased movement speed.

• Banshee: Main Covenant air unit. Armed with plasma cannons and fuel rod guns
- Upgrade: Boost: Enables speed boost special ability.
- Upgrade: Repeating Cannon: Increases fire rate of cannons.
- Upgrade: Sacrifice: When critically damaged, Banshee attempts to crash into ground targets and inflicts AOE damage.

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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

10 years ago#4
• Vampire: Counter-air unit. Heavy needler turret bombards large area of effect (AOE).
- Upgrade: Stasis Drain: Stasis ability drains target’s health and repairs the Vampire.
- Upgrade: Stasis Bomb: When Stasis completely drains a target it explodes, doing large AOE

Confirmed Covenant Structures:

• Citadel: This Covenant base contains a Command Center, seven building sites, and four Turret foundations. Other non-primary base facilities, called Outposts, can also be found, built, and upgraded. The beginning base in Skirmish mode, the Keep, can be upgraded to a Citadel. Trains Scarab and unique Leader units.

• Turret: Fixed gunnery/tracking systems for base defense.
- Upgrade: May enable one specialized defensive add-on. The 3 choices are anti vehicle, air, or infantry.

• Warehouse: Allows you to receive resources.
-Upgrade: Blessed Warehouse: Increases resources gained over time.

• Temple: Allows access to greater technologies. Availability of some upgrades and units may require up to three Temple technology levels. If the Temple is destroyed, the technology level resets to zero, although it will be restored to its previous level if another Temple is built. Once a Temple is built, a Leader unit appears.
- Upgrade: Age of Doubt: Increases technology upgrades.
- Upgrade: Age of Reclamation: Increases technology upgrades. (Better than Doubt)
- Upgrade: Followers: Increases unit cap by 10.
- Upgrade: Shield of the Foreruners: Increases recharge rate of all energy shields.
- Upgrade: Medium/Large Turret: Increases damage and hit points.

• Hall: Trains Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters.

• Factory: Trains Ghosts, Wraiths, Locusts, and a unique Leader unit.

• Summit: Trains Engineers, Banshees, and Vampires.

• Shield Generator: Protects your buildings with an energy shield. Multiple shields can be added to a single base.

• Gravity Lift: Transports units to the Leader unit. Each base automatically has a Gravity Lift. To transport troops to your Leader, select unit(s), place the crosshair over the Gravity Lift, and then press X. You can also activate Leader Recall or Global Rally Point by placing the crosshair over the Gravity Lift and then pressing A to access the building’s menu. You cannot transport the Scarab via the Gravity Lift.

Q: Will this game have any faction-specific Leaders?
A: Yes, each faction will have 3 leaders each with their own unique abilities and units. You can access the abilities by pressing Up on the D-Pad.

UNSC Leaders:

Captain Cutter.
•Leader Power: MAC Blast: Magnetic Accelerator
Cannon blasts an enemy
•Unique Unit: Elephant: A turreted, mobile infantry training center that can be sent to forward battle positions. Can enter Deploy mode. The Elephant “locks down,”activating its turrets and allowing infantry to be trained.
--- Upgrade: Twin Engine: Increases speed.
--- Upgrade: Defense Turrets: Adds light autocannons
--- Upgrade: Ceramic Armor:
• Super Upgrade: ODST: Marines can upgrade to Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) and then drop from orbit anywhere on the map
• Economy Bonus: Cutter's bases start with more building sites.

Sergeant Forge
•Leader Power: Carpet Bomb.
• Unique Unit: Cyclops: Counter-building unit. Marine in a powered exoskeleton originally
made to aid colonial construction. Can throw vehicle and building debris.
--- Upgrade: Repair Kit: Cyclops can repair buildings and mechanized units.
--- Upgrade: High-Torque Joint: Improves movement speed.
•Super Upgrade: Grizzly: Turns Scorpion into the Grizzly super tank.
•Economy Bonus: All Supply Pads on Forge’s bases start as Heavy Supply Pads.

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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

10 years ago#5
Professor Anders
• Leader Power: Cryo Bomb: freezes enemies in place
• Unique Unit: Gremlin: A combat support vehicle. Light armored and fires an EMP gun. Can disable electronic dependent units/structures with EMP.
--- Upgrade: Focusing Lens: Increases damage and range of EMP weapon.
--- Upgrade: Chain Amplifier: EMP can chain to hit multiple targets.
• Super Upgrade: Hawk: Upgrade Hornet to Hawk super unit equipped with laser beams.
• Economy Bonus: Cost and research time for unit upgrades reduced by half.

Covenant Leaders:

Prophet of Regret: The Prophet starts with a Plasma Cannon attack and the Cleansing ability
(which calls down an energy beam from an orbiting vessel). Upgrades available at the Temple.
--- Combat Upgrade: Blessed Immolation: Upgrades to fuel rod cannons for damage increase.
--- Combat Upgrade: Ancestral Perversion: Dual protector units hover near Prophet and defend him.
--- Combat Upgrade: Divine Absolution: Upgrades chair so Prophet becomes a full-fledged flying unit.
• Leader Power: Cleansing Beam
--- Upgrade: Regret's Sentence/Doom/Condemnation: Increases size and damage of beam with each upgrade.
• Unique Unit: Elite Honor Guard: Special forces unit. Armed with energy sword attack.
--- Upgrade: Cloak Enables active camouflage cloak.
--- Upgrade: Personal Shield: Adds personal energy shield.

Brute Chieftain: Brute Chieftain starts with Gravity Hammer and Vortex ability. Upgrades available at the Temple.
--- Combat Upgrade: Inheritance: Adds passive stun ability to normal attacks.
--- Combat Upgrade: Birthright Chieftain can pull enemies to him during combat.
--- Combat Upgrade: Destiny Adds an area of effect (AOE) stun to Gravity Hammer.
• Leader Power: Vortex.
--- Upgrade: Tsunami/Hurricane/Singularity: Increases Vortex damage and AOE with each rank.
• Unique Unit: Brute: Special forces unit. Heavy-assault infantry with powerful Brute guns.
--- Upgrade: Jump Pack Enables jump jet ability.
--- Upgrade: Electric Shot Brute shot causes electrical stun damage.
• Unique Unit: Brute Chopper: Fast assault scout unit (can collect supplies from resource crates). Can run over enemies.
--- Upgrade: Autocannons: Adds front firing 35mm guns for increased damage.
--- Upgrade:Stabilizers: Improves autocannon accuracy and damage.
--- Upgrade:Ramming Targe: Greatly increases Run Over damage and decreases damage taken.

The Arbiter: The Arbiter starts with dual energy swords and Rage special attack. Upgrades at Temple.
--- Combat Upgrade: Fiendish Return: Arbiter armor reflects a portion of incoming damage back to attacker.
--- Combat Upgrade: Vicious Blades: Adds damage to attack and increases damage reflected.
--- Combat Upgrade: Ghastly Vision: Permanent cloak enabled and damage reflection increased.
• Leader Power: Rage.
--- Upgrade: Defiant Rage: Health partially restored with every inflicted fatality.
--- Upgrade: Spiteful Rage: Rage mode costs less to maintain.
--- Upgrade: Blinding Rage:Rage damage massively increased, also increases the attack power of surrounding allies.
• Unique Unit: Suicide Grunt: Special forces unit. Starts with plasma pistol. Perverted version of normal Grunts, willing to sacrifice themselves upon command. Can charge the enemy with reckless abandon and detonate their methane tanks as a Special attack(Suicide Mode).
--- Upgrade: Zeal: Speed boost while in Suicide mode.
--- Upgrade: Defile: Suicide explosion does extra splash damage.

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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

10 years ago#6
Q: What all does the Limited Edition of Halo Wars come with?
A: The LE version will come with: 3 new Halo 3 maps (Assembly, Orbital, Sandbox.), Halo Wars: Genesis, a beautiful graphic novel by Phil Noto, Graeme Devine and Eric Nylund chronicling the first military campaign against the Covenant. The novel centers around the Sprit of Fire on a mission to discover why the Covenant are so interested in the world of Harvest. It also comes with a unique In-game Vehicle: "Honor Guard" Wraith, Six Leader Cards(basically just for show), and a Spirit of Fire Patch that you can add to some clothing.

Q: Do I get anything for pre-ordering?
A: You get a Flaming Warthog usable in-game when you pre-order either version.

Q: If I don't like the Flaming Warthog and Honor Guard Wraith, do I have to play with them?
A: No. You can turn them on and off as you like.

Q: Will the Flaming Warthog and Honor Guard Wraith be available in multiplayer?
A: Unfortunately, it is not usable in Multiplayer games as it is a Skull.

Q: Will the Flaming Warthog and Honor Guard Wraith be available in as Downloadable Content?
A: It is not likely at this time.

Q: Where can I learn more about other Halo games?
A: Bungie, the creators of the Halo Universe, have lots of information about Halo. Check them out here: www.bungie.net.

Q: I heard the Flood is in this game. Is this true?"
A: Yes, they do show up in Campaign as a part of the story, but they aren't playable. They will also be on some of the Skirmish maps, in a role similar to the UNSC rebels.

Q: Will there be splitscreen?
A: Nope.

Q: If Ensemble is going out of business after this game is released, is there any hope for DLC?
A: Although Ensemble has closed down, some of the core members of the team transferred to another company: Robot entertainment. DLC has been announced and it is as follows:

Keepaway Mode: This is the Halo Wars adaptation of "Capture the Flag." Teams battle it out to capture a free-roaming Forerunner Sentinel to score points before the other team. Capture three sentinels to claim victory.

Tug of War Mode: This mode is all about having a stronger army than your opponent. Defeating enemies is essential, but success is determined by a combination of the army, buildings, and resources left standing in the end.

Reinforcement Mode: All active battle units are provided in successive waves. Adapt to their tactics and use the ever-changing set of units to outwit and outlast the enemy.

Along with the 3 new game modes, 4 new achievements are being added for a total of 100 points:

One and Done: Score the winning point in a game of Keepaway against Legendary A.I.'s
Pull Hard, Pull Deep: Win and never trail in a Tug of War game
Freak on a Streak: Gain at least 15 population from a single wave in a Reinforcement game
Living Loving Bug: Obtain a Scarab during a Reinforcement game

Q: How many achievements are there?
A: There are 54 achievements, worth 1,100 points. You can view the original 50 here:

Q: What can the Spirit Of Fire do?
A: The Spirit of Fire is a valuable asset providing direct strategic advantages such as orbital bombardment(MAC Cannon), tactical transportation, and UNSC Leader Powers.

-Ability: Disruption: AOE ability; temporarily prevents Leaders from using powers.
-Ability: Heal: Heals units and repairs buildings within a target radius.
-Ability: Transport: Orders a Pelican to airlift units to a specified location on the map.

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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

10 years ago#7

I did not write this FAQ, nor do I take any credit for it. Hope it helps. Tad bit big. If there are any major errors, or anything big that I missed, PLEASE POST IT. I will update the FAQ again with the release of the Title Update.

Post now! And please request Version 1.3 to be unstickied.
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User Info: tobisagoodboy2

10 years ago#8
Ok, I already requested a sticky for this thread!
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User Info: xDeTpUrRoCx

10 years ago#9
I dont want to ruin this or anything but.. you just added stuff to your original FAQ. You shouldve updated it first -.- . Example : Confirmed buildings... You even say the game might ship with a map editor, you should not -.- we know it doesnt. Dont get me wrong, still is nice to have a FAQ here but this needs a refresh IMO.

User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

10 years ago#10

From: xDeTpUrRoCx | Posted: 4/23/2009 5:55:03 PM | #009
. You even say the game might ship with a map editor, you should not -.-

Whether it will be DLC or ship with the game is undetermined.

You haven't ruined anything. Only added humor.

From: xDeTpUrRoCx | Posted: 4/23/2009 5:55:03 PM | #009
you just added stuff to your original FAQ

Yes, that's what an update is. I'm not going to just add stuff when there's 100+ posts and expect the people of GFAQs to sift through everything to find it. Now all they have to do is look at the first 7 posts.
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