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User Info: McMasters

11 years ago#1
normally, I just skip it, but, is there a way to beat the 'tutorial panda' before maho? I can never get any reaction.. I see there was an old topic about it, but I don't need to skip it, I actually want to know how to beat it (working on a FAQ - I just can't get this one!)

User Info: erAser_crAsh

11 years ago#2
Just beat Maho again, but when you beat her, touch the lower option : this way you won't have to touch the Panda but Maho.

User Info: wikiotaku

11 years ago#3
I tried everything to beat the panda too. EVERYTHING. All tools, areas, and evidence. That's it! I give up. I'm going back to battle Maho and doing what you suggest. Thank-you for your help. Stupid completely random panda. Why the hell put that in this game anyways?

User Info: Model_Hx

11 years ago#4
If you really want to beat touching the reverse panda. then remember that it is only used for trying out the functions. Here is a guide to how to beat it:

Your goal is to get a reaction form every icon, the reaction you will get is that the panda "changes pose". (Note that when the panda changes pose it wont look different from before, because it only has one available pose it will only look as if it disappears and comes back)

First use the finger icon and slide it around on the panda until it"changes pose". When you have done this you are done with fingering the panda.

Next use the eye icon and slide it around on the panda until another "pose change" occurs. Done trying out the eye.

Now use the mouth icon to try and get an reaction, to use the mouth aim it with the stylus and then blow in the microphone. When you get another reaction you are done with blowing the panda.
Be careful not to get an headache from all the blowing! I will not take responsibility if you do.

Now only the item and blinking options are left, just press on them to complete them, press on item first and then blinking second.

The screen should go white now, signaling that you are done molesting the reverse panda.

Sorry if I dragged it out, I'm not good at giving short descriptions, hope this helps you walktrough, good thing someone is doing one, you can use my text however you want.
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