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User Info: BFSK

11 years ago#1
I made a new team in Respect the Street mode. I named them Da Real Giants and used almost all of the new players, except Eli, where I just changed his stats to what they should really be :) Here's my roster...

QB - Eli, gonna make him godly
RB - Ahmad Bradshaw, thought about Jacobs, but Bradshaw has the speed.
WR - Steve Smith, I thought about Tyree, but I think Smith has more potential in the long run
OL - Shaun O'Hara, Petitgout and McKenzie were already there, thought about Snee, but I just saw O'Hara do an interview and I liked it. Plus, his expression on the final Pats drive was priceless.
DL - Jay Alford, thought about Tuck, but his sack on Brady last drive was brutal
LB - Kawika Mitchell, either him or Torbor, his hair decided :)
DB - Aaron Ross, thought about Webster, but i wanted a rookie.

Anyways, I'll take them through RTS on Hard and try to kill everyone. I'll treat the game against the Pats like the SB and pull one out at the end :)

So anyone else thinking about doing this?

User Info: deej1988

11 years ago#2
I was thinking about doing something similar but instead make it more realistic and make the Pats destroy the giants and everyone else.

User Info: YouthfulGamer

11 years ago#3
No chance of that yet...only just got hold of this on the cheap...still working out the mechanics of this game.....
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