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User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#1
Mario Party 8 FAQ
The reason I made this FAQ is so people stop posting questions like, "who are the playable characters?" and " Whos that on the box? Is it Chuck Quizmo?". This is the 5th version. If there is anything missing please let me know immediately. Thanks. And please KEEP THIS BUMPED UNTIL STIKIED!

1.) History/Release Date/Other
a.) How to Play
b.) History
c.) Release Date
d.) Online
e.) Delay

2.) Story/Characters
a.) Story
b.) Playable Characters
c.) NP Characters
d.) Miis

3.) Gameplay
a.) Wii-Mote
b.) Nunchuck
c.) Camera

4.) Gameboards/Candy/Modes
a.) Game Boards
b.) Spaces
c.) Candy
d.) Modes
e.) Carnival Cards

5.) Mini-Games
a.) 4-Player
b.) 2 vs. 2
c.) 1 vs. 3
d.) Duel
e.) Battle
f.) Challenge
g.) Final

6. Videos/Frequently Asked Questions
a.) Videos
b.) Frequently Asked Questions

1.) History/Release Date/Other

a.) How to Play

From an issue of Nintendo Power - " Rules vary, but the main goals are always the same : skip across the board, collect coins and trade them in for stars. Candy powerups, help or hindrance from board-game characters, and the results of minigame competitions figure into results. ".

b.) History

Mario Party 8 was announced at the New York event on Semptember 13, 2006. The first actually screens and videos were seen on November 3, 2006 at Nintendo World in Japan. There were 6 mini-games playable there. It is was supposed to be released on February 8, 2006 in Japan, Febreary 23, 2006 in Europe, and March 5, 2006 in the United States. The release was nearing and everyone began to think it was delayed. March 5 passed ( February and Japan had already been delayed) and at the Game Developer's Conference, later that week, it was announced to come out on May 29, 2007 in the U.S.

c.) Release Date

There has been much controversy over the release date for Mario Party 8. It was supposed to be released on February 8, 2006 in Japan, Febreary 23, 2006 in Europe, and March 5, 2006 in the United States. The dates were near and many began to speculate that it had been delayed. During the the Game Developer's Conference ( March 5 - 9 ) it was announced that it would be released on May 29, 2007 in the U.S. The game will be released on June 22, 2007 in Europe (July 13, 2007 in some areas), July 19, 2007 in Australia and July 26, 2007 in Japan.

d.) Online

Some people want it and some people don't. Some say its good so you can play with people you know that are far away ( or just some random person ) and some say its bad because people will drop out and ruin the game. Online is not in this game, but it could happen in Mario Party 9...

e.) Delay

It is unknown why there was a delay for this game. The delay was made from March 5 to May 29 (U.S.)

User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#2
2.) Story/Characters

a.) Story

The story starts off with McBallyhoo and his hat, Big Top, inviting the mario gang to his wacky Star Carnival. The Star Battle Arena lets one player compete against computers for a year's worth of candy.

b.) Playable Characters

Here is a list of playable characters :
Dry Bones
Hammer Bro (new)
Blooper (new)

c.) NP Characters

Bowser and DK are both returning as Non-Playable characters and this time they both get thier own board, in addition to having a space. The host this time around is a worm-like creature namned McBallyhoo who wears a big hat called Big Top. MCBALLYHOO IS NOT CHUCK QUIZMO FROM PAPER MARIO!!! Shy Guys have also been seen working at the Candy Store. In one picture, Bandit is seen around a wall (Koppa's Tycoon Park). DK, Goomba, King Boo, Koppa, Shy guy, and Bowser all have thier own boards. In Goomba's Booty Boardwalk, Pintas are seen in some areas. Other characters from the Mario Universe will make a cameos.

d.) Miis

Miis are be playable characters, but only in minigames in the Extras Zone. In a lot of minigames, Miis will be seen walking around the background.

3.) Gameplay

a.) Wii-Mote

The Wii-Mote is the meat and potatos of this game. The Wii-Mote will be used in many ways for all 70 minigames. You will have to shake your remote as if it were as soda can, hit it like a hammer, or use it as a balancing baton. The remotes speaker will let out a taunt to notify that it is your turn. The remote is used in many ways. Sometimes you need to turn it Super Paper Mario style and use the D-pad to move and 1 or 2 to jump. You can skip the board intro by pressing +.

b.) Nunchuck

The Nunchuck is only used on 1 minigame in the Extra Zone. The minigame "Flagging Rights".

c.) Camera

The camera is supposed to follow you when you move across the board, giving you a good look at your surroundings and making it more exciting. Well, not that exciting.

User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#3
4.) Gameboards/Candy/Modes

a.) Game Boards

There is a total of 6 game boards ( 1 being unlockable )

DK's Treetop Temple - This is your classic Mario Party board. It takes place in a jungle with a big DK statue in the middle. Jump around the board and get to the star. Pay 20 coins and the star is yours. On this board there are 3 DK cannons that you can enter to get to the top for 5 coins.
STAR BATTLE - The objective here is to be the first with 2 stars.

Goomba's Booty Boardwalk - This board is set on the beach, leading to a boardwalk that connects to an island with Goomba's booty (treasure).The goal is to reach the island first to gat a star. The star is free, but once you get it you will be taken back to the start of the board. There are many ways of getting ahead of everyone like landing on a ? space and getting Pintas to give you a throw.

STAR BATTLE - The objective here is to be the first to buy the star from Goomba for 50 coins first.

King Boo's Haunted Hideaway - Obviously, this board takes in King Boo's Haunted Hideaway . The objective is to find King Boo in one of the many dead ends and pay him 10 coins for a star. If you enter the wrong room, red boos will guide you to a pitfall where you will be sent to the start of the board. If someone gets a star, the whole hideaway will be mixed and everyone will start at the start and the whole place will be different.
STAR BATTLE - The objective here is to be the first to get 2 stars from King Boo.

Shy Guy's Perplex Express - There is only 1 train. The goal is to make it to the front to buy a star from Shy Guy for 20 coins. Then you will go to the top of the train and head back to the beggining. If you land on DK he will replace the Shy Guy part of the train. If you get to DK, you get a free star. After that he will leave. If you land on Bowser, he will replace the Shy Guy or DK part of the train. If you pass Bowser, he will take away a star.
STAR BATTLE - The objective here is to be the first to pay the fancy Koopa 50 coins.

Koppa's Tycoon Town - This board is very simmilar to Windmillville from Mario Party 7, although it takes place in a city. You have to try to buy the most hotels and others will try to pay more and take over your hotel. If you just pay 1 coin you will get a star for that hotel. If the investment in the hotel reaches 20 coins, the owner (the one with the most coins in that hotel) will get 2 stars. If the investment reaches 50 coins, the owner will get 3 stars. That is the limit. If you manage to get 100 coins in a hotel, it will permenatly be yours.
STAR BATTLE - The objective here is to be the first to get 4 stars.

Bowser's Warped Orbit - This board takes place in space. It looks kind of like a big circular board, with a tube that will get you to the other side. Bowser is in the middle high above the tube. If anyone lands on a certain ? space, he will reverse the direction everyone is headed. The object of the game is to steal opponents stars by using the Bullet Candy and Bowser Candy. The Bullet candy transforms you into a bullet that lets you roll 3 dice and steals a star from anyone you touch. The Bowser Candy turns you into Bowser and lets you roll 2 dice. If you pass or touch anyone you will take 2 stars away.

STAR BATTLE - The objective here is to steal stars from your opponent until he/she/it has Zero stars.

User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#4
b.) Space

All the spaces from Mario Party 7 return, except for the Mic space. The spaces also look different on each board. For example, on Goomba's Booty Boardwalk, they are big and together, but on King Boo's Haunted Hideaway, they marble and apart.

Here is a list of all the spaces :

Blue - Land on it and get 3 coins

Red - Land on it and loss 3 coins

? (Green) - A special event will happen

Bowser - Bowser will move the star.

DK - DK is so generous he might give you a star!... or some coins.

Music Note (Yellow) - A route to a free star will appear that only you can get to.


! (Yellow) - You will do a Challenge mini-game!

VS - a duel minigame will be played!

c.) Candy

Instead of orbs and items, there are now candys, which you eat and transform into whatever candy you ate. For example, if you eat a vampire candy, you will transform into a vampire and be able to steal other players coins. There are many candys ranging from the Springo Candy that transforms you into a spring and a Bitsize Candy that turns your character into a 8-bit version of itself. Here is the complete list of all the candys in the game :

Red Candy (affects the diceroll):
Thrice Candy - lets you roll 3 times
Slowgo Candy - slows the dice down. Only numbers 1-5.
Twice Candy - lets you roll 2 times

Green Candy (affects other players):
Cashzap Candy - Destroy half of opponents coins using dart wheel to determine who.
Springo Candy - Go to an opponents space.
Vampire Candy - Steal an ammount of coins from every opponent. Amount of coins determined by dart wheel.

Yellow Candy (affect others while you move across the board):
Bitsize Candy - Turns you into 8-bit form. Allows you to collect 3 coins for every space you pass.
Bloway Candy - Blows away any character you pass in that turn. The character will be blown to another part of the board.
Bowlo Candy - Turns you into a ball and takes up to 20 coins from a player you pass.
Weeglee Candy - You become 3 of yourself, except tiny. Take a candy from anyone you pass.

Blue Candy (causes extreme effects):
Bullet Candy - Transforms you into a bullet that lets you roll 3 dice and steals a star from anyone you touch.
Bowser Candy - Turns you into Bowser and lets you roll 2 dice. If you pass or touch anyone you will take 2 stars away.
Duelo Candy - Roll 2 dice and duel the first person you meet.
Thwomp Candy - Take half the coins of any opponent you pass.

User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#5
d.) Modes

There are 5 main modes in Mario Party 8 :

Party Tent - Any normal mario party game. Play with friends or verse computers in this 4-player battle map game. There are 3 modes : Batlle, Tag Team, and Duel.

Star Battle Arena - a singal player mode similar to Solo Mode from Mario Party 7. Each board has a different objective to do and you must do it befor your opponent does. You can win major rewards...

Minigame Tent - Come here to replay your favorite minigames and play in small games involving these minigames. There are also different modes revolving around minigames. They are :

Free Play Arcade
Crown Showdown
Flip-Out Frenzy
Tic-Tac Drop
Test for the Best

Extra Zone - Come here to play your favorite popular pastimes such as bowling and pin pong. There are many things to unlock here . Miis will be playable here. Here is the complete list of Mini-games in the Extra Zone :

Canyon Cruisers
Chomping Frenzy
Flagging Rights
Moped Mayhem
Puzzle Pilars
Star Carnival Bowling
Table Menace
Trail By Tile

Fun Bazaar - Come here to trade in your carnival cards and buy cool unlockables. The Unlockables :

Carnival Cards Unlockable
50 Table Menace
50 Puzzle Pillars
50 Chomping Frenzy
50 Moped Mayhem
50 Very Hard
50 Heckling Voices
50 Test for the Best
50 Staff Best Records
50 Character Voices
50 Carnival Music
50 Minigame Music
100 Staff Credits
30 DK's Balancing Act
30 DK's Barrel Cannon
30 Dolphin Shuttle
30 Shipwrecked Goombas
30 King Boo's Revenge
30 Hideaway Breakout
30 Perplexed Chef
30 Express Engine
30 Koopa Crane
30 Hotel Happiness
30 Warped Space Shuttle
30 Space Colony Tower
30 Supershaken Soda
30 Bullet Blitzer
30 Party Karty
30 Spinning Boat
30 Sweet Saucer
30 Flip the Chimp
30 Big Bob-omb's Blast
30 Baby Penguin Frolic
30 Lava Bubble Burst
30 Chain Chomphouse
30 Poppin' Party Tent
30 Star Carnival Stage
30 Barrel of Fun
30 Bowser's Fury
30 Ballyhoo and Big Top
30 Test Take Off

e.) Carnival Cards

Carnival Crads are cards earned for playing minigames, playing on boards and many other ways. These cards allow you to buy rewards at the Fun Bazzar.

User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#6
5.) Mini-Games

There are around 70 minigames. This time around DK and Bowser minigames will not return. New minigame types include : Challenge and Final.

a.) 4-Player

Alpnie Assault
At The Chomp Wash
Crank To Rank
Flip The Chimp
In The Nick Of Time
Lava Or Leave 'Em
Mario Matrix
Mosh Pit Playroom
Scooter Pursuit
Shake It Up
Speedy Graffiti
Treachores Tightrope
Water Ski Spree

b.) 2 vs. 2

Boo-Ting Gallery
Bumper Ballons
Grabby Gridion
King Of The Thrill
Lean, Mean Ravine
Paint Misbehavian'
Rowed To Victory
Sugar Rush
Winner Or Dinner

c.) 1 vs. 3

Bob-Ombs Away
Chump Rope
Grabbin' Gold
Gun The Runner
Picture Perfect
Power Trip
Snow Way Out
Swervin' Skies
Thrash 'N' Crash

d.) Duel

Attention Grabber
Balancing Act
Blazzing Building
Breakneck Building
Frozen Assets
Ion The Prize
Lava Lobbers
Lob To Rob
Loco Motives
Pumper Cars
Rotation Station
Saucer Swarm
Settle It In Court
Specter Inspecter
Surf's Way Up
Wing And A Scare
You're The Bom-omb

e.) Battle

Aim Of The Game
Cut From The Team
Glacial Meltdown
Snipe For The Picking

f.) Challenge

Fruit Picker
Pour To Score

g.) Last

SuperStar Showdown

User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#7
6. Videos/Frequently Asked Questions

a.) Videos

Blooper : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkaoGbSa76U
Hammer Bro. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZd_4NLEMeo

DK's Treetop Temple - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPYUG4B6jns
Goomba's Booty Boardwalk - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pAWcYMdX6Q
King Boo's Haunted Hideaway - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPoffJA0r4U
Shy Guy's Perplexed Express - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVz31AM0Xq8
Koopa's Tycoon Town - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k0gkkCUH6w
Bowser's Warped Orbit - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyj9MftZDxM

Fun Bazaar - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvrvVDqI9XQ
Extras Zone - http://youtube.com/watch?v=JlPYSG0aKL0

Free Play Arcade - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SupRphz9Agk
Crown Showdown - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbdLynFaSWQ
Flip-Out Frenzy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-UM84sXXGc
Tic Tac Drop - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8miUDO3uZs

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K8WNKeQX5I
VIDEO 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgs4C4w32T8
VIDEO 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXNkuzmISkc
VIDEO 4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9ZtzBhqgN4
VIDEO 5 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2z6AaGNsvI

NOTE - These 2 are not MY Videos!

Board Explanation 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Chux9d2urWw&mode=related&search=
Board Explanation 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BSEw4KtJ6o&mode=related&search=

User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#8
b.) Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I buy this or...
A. Rayman Raving Rabbids? WarioWare? Everything is your desicion. There are people who will tell you the game is the worst and some that will tell you it is the best. Watch some videos, look at some screens, and decide. Reviews could help, but not always. If you have played past Mario Party games and enjoyed them, this not much different, but that's only my opinion. Remember to always look at the facts.

Q. I'm buying a few remotes and I'm wondering if I should buy extra nunchucks?
A. The nunchuck is only used in 1 minigame that is not even part of the main game (Party Tent, Star Battle, Minigame Tent).

Q. Can I use the classic controller in this game?
A. No. Mario Party 8 was made for motion sensing. The nunchuck is used in one minigame that is not part of the main game.

Q. Can you use a Gamecube controller with this game?
A. No. Mario Party 8 was made for motion sensing. The nunchuck is used in one minigame that is not part of the main game.

Q. What!?! No widescreen! This is terrible!
A. I guess that means the game is terrible, huh. I also hate the game because I don't like the boxart. Oh yeah, the game is also bad because Mario is in it! EVERYONE - Get over it! The game isn't about the widescreen! It may seem bad at first, but it will all go away.

Q. Will this be fun playing alone?
A. Again, opinions. Although, it is fact that playing with friends is much better than playing alone. Playing alone may not seem like the best, but it is fun sometimes.

Q. How many minigames, candies, boards, and characters?
A. There 81 minigames, 14 candies, 6 boards, and 14 characters.

Q. Is there online?
A. No.

Q. Can I leave the game on with 4 computers to get carnival cards like in the past Mario Partys?
A. No, sadly you cannot. They did the same with MP7.

Q. Is DK playable?
A. No, but Blooper and Hammer Bro. are.

Q. How many blocks from the Wii memory this game uses?
A. I only have 1 block.

Q. Does this game use the mic like Mario Party 6 and 7?
A. No, this game uses the wii-mote and no mic. There are also no mic minigames or spaces.

Q. Can we expect a Mario Party 9?
A. Definetly! The game is perfect for the Wii. Mario Party 8 started (what I think) as a Gamecube game. That's why the graphics aren't the best, the widescreen deal (changing fullscreen to widescreen would take time), and why all minigames don't use motion sensing. Let's wait until E3 (July 10, 2007) and see if they announce it. Maybe a end of the year release. We will all have to wait and see.

User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#9
A Special Thanks to all the veterans of this board that have eagerly been awaiting this title since Day 1 :

SuperZambezi, PorungaRa, mariofan619, PeachSoda, Coleby, ToadPrince, Subrinhoa, DrummerManiac, Peach4ever, Da_my_favorite, I Like Bacon, Dustof_DryBones, Tweester, redarwing, blubomber17, Merit Celaire, and princekrazyk.

I might be missing someone, but you should understand.

All work on this FAQ were made by SuperZambezi. Some suggestions were made by Dustof_DryBones.

Sources used were Nintendo Power, IGN, Gamespot, GameTrailers, Mario Party 8 Prima Guide and Nintendo

User Info: SuperZambezi

13 years ago#10
The reason I made yet another version is because I have added a few new videos, added the unlockables, and a fixed a few mistakes. Please feel free to post any Mario Party videos ad please try to keep this bumped until stickied. Thanks.
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