Obsessive Tanks Players

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User Info: Gaiko

9 years ago#1
Does anybody here enjoy Tanks a bit TOO much?

As a British guy I find myself shouting all sorts of Victorian nonsense and proclaiming my military might as I fire.
Dead Rising CTYD: "When the zombies came, everyone DIED!"
Resi4: 5-stars on Mercs on hold, finishing HUNK Run ARGH IRON MAIDENS!!!

User Info: Redzone0110

9 years ago#2

I do love Tanks, but I'm not obsessive.
There's a cookie that may be poisoned. Would you eat it?
People who said yes: 5 People who said no: 3

User Info: innocenceofsoul

8 years ago#3
It's fun to play but I"m not addicted to it or anything
Char Aznable says let the purge begin!
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