Hardest mini game.

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User Info: Teh_MKMaster

9 years ago#1
Which of these games pisses you off the most? For me its the one thats like hockey. You play the computer with these paperclip shaped bumpers, and you have to shoot it into the other goal. The computer can block most things, but usually scores against itself.

User Info: Mariobros24

9 years ago#2
Billiards. I suck at it.

User Info: uwwryanc

9 years ago#3
I really dislike the Pose Mii mini game. I wouldn't say it's the hardest, but it's the one I hate playing the most.

User Info: AlienDestroyer4

9 years ago#4
Hockey, easily. How anyone could get a platinum on that is just beyond me. Ping pong pisses me off too, but only because I always seem to die right before I hit 200.
Some of you are going to die... Martyrs, of course, for the freedom that I shall provide.

User Info: wiggie123

9 years ago#5

The one that has you to find your mii or find the twins I'm horrible at it

User Info: flash876

9 years ago#6
cow racing is the eseyest but fishing is second but fishinf is eseyer then it lookes pool is the hardest it pisswes me off
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