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User Info: just4funplayer

11 years ago#11
its NOT a trick, its an illusion...tricks are something whore's do for money.

you would know that if you were a real magician

actually, "illusions" happen when a magician makes you think you see something, but it didnt actually happen or its not actually there.

"tricks" are when the final product makes you think something else happened, which you know to be impossible.

illusions are when the climax is in the middle, and tricks are when the climax is at the end.

and if YOU were actually a real magician, you'd know that, so shut your mouth you wanna be.

get your facts straight before you challenge me, shaakes
we all know ur ded family are ded and they died of buried early - YugiohMaster158
sorry, but i only speak english - just4funplayer

User Info: Yogizilla

11 years ago#12

Haha.. Some interesting exchanges on here about magic, tricks, and hookers. Very intriguing stuff!

I think what everyone, including critics, are forgetting is that the game is more intended for much younger audiences. Judging a title like this within that scope, I think a 7.5-8.5 review is more reasonable. Certainly, if you judge a game for yourself, you simply share whether or not you like it but, for the public, I think it'd be more fair to explain subjective things such as "bad" and "easy".

I'm sure if you put someone who is slow and easily amused to observe the tricks, they'll be wowed. =oP

User Info: Hellraizer873

11 years ago#13
Sorry. I gotta side with G.O.B.

/Arrested Development.
Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you.

User Info: Zacek

11 years ago#14
I just want to say that this game is amazing!! I haven't unlocked all the tricks, but my family loves the tricks!
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