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User Info: tlhuffstetler

12 years ago#1

I have been looking and saw that the guides for this game are for other consoles (which is dumb seeing as how you don't have a L2 / R2 button on the PSP) and decided that I would offer my help to those who need it.

If you are stuck at a certain point, just ask and I will try to answer your question to the best of my memory. I haven't played this game in over six months so I will start playing it again and try to make some notes that I think are useful.

Just for starters, a few of the questions that I noticed that I think I remember having trouble with myself.....

Speed kills are hard to do if you are looking for dagger icon, the PSP doesn't show it very well, just hit your square button when the screen goes gray

At the "Fortress Area", to get past the rolling spike wall, you first have to go into the sand gate. Stand at the gate and you should stab it and then be transported inside. Once inside you have to cross the water by putting the cross bars in a circle and then jumping from one to the other and end up getting the extra sand tank. (If you need directions on how to complete this area let me know.) After you complete the gate, a section of the wall that met the railing will be gone and that is where you run across at.

User Info: Lj_Wolfie

12 years ago#2
Thanks dude that was helpful :).
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User Info: spideremblem112

12 years ago#3
hey. I know this isn't the right board, but i have been posting on the POP Revelations board for over a Month now, and Nobody replies. But, Can you Do me a Favor?

If You have a Copy of revelations, Then do by any Chance have a Game Save That has this Information: Chapter : mirrored fates , Saved at Library , after statues chamber . My friend bought me a used Copy and for some reason my game wont let Me Get to That part. Thanks For your Help.

User Info: elee101

12 years ago#4
i cannot beat the twins!!! there impossible! im talknig about when those 2 maniacs atatck you and there enarly impossible to kill. please help me.
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