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User Info: ml_shinen

9 years ago#1
>I was wondering, what is your thought process is when making new music?
>Do you think of the environment that the song will be playing in and then figure out the mood you
>want to convey, or something like that?
>Just something I was curious about (because I'm not to good at coming up with music of my own).

Hi Ace,

sorry for the delay, i simply missed your last post.

Well, i'm not good in pulling out music out of nothing. I think my approach is the one used by many musicians. Usually i get my inspiration when hearing other peoples music. Often its a complete different genre, almost never its game music. Its one tiny sting or a melody or a beat that gives an instant inspiration. The fun thing is that the final result and the inspiration usually have nothing in common. Sometimes i wonder afterward what was driving me when starting...

To make the songs fit to the stages is something that comes quite naturally. Often its only one specific instrument or sound that makes that song so well fitting for a specific stage. Often its just the pace that has to fit. Take for instance the Sea level. The level is pretty fast and so is the music.
Or take the fire planet. The song has only a slow but pushing beat as also the level is a slower one. No surprises here :)

Another mental gimmick (while already doing a song) is thinking in terms of LIGHT and SHADOW. A good song always needs both. There is no brilliant light without dark shadows. So i often consider the drum&bass as the shadow part. The chords can be thought of the ambient light. You don't notice them really but without them everything feels abandoned. The melody and arpeggios are the rays of light that shine through the clouds. Maybe that sounds foolish, but it helps me often to find the right balance.


User Info: Ace_Killjoy

9 years ago#2
Thank you for your enlightening response.
I actually liked your "Light and Shadow" concept, it put things in prospective for me.
I feel honored that a professional such as your self would actually give me advice.

Thanks again for responding, and good luck with your soundtrack project.

User Info: MathU

9 years ago#3
I think it's really cool that you guys respond to forum questions, Shin'en.
Of course, that's just an opinion.
I'm al-Afdal on Battlefield 2
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