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User Info: jumpman17

12 years ago#1
So, I'm at Pelican Bay, and I bought the gear. I go back to Anne-Claire's where the FAQs say I need to give her the key and the gear. I have both, but there is no option to give them to her. All I can do is ask where next to which she replies "Are you sure you've found everything at Pelican Bay?" and upgrade my weapons. How do I continue? Am I going to have to start over?

User Info: prowly

12 years ago#2
If you just got the gear, try going back to hobo alley... I think I remember having to do something there before you could continue.

User Info: jumpman17

12 years ago#3
Nope, nothing I can find to do at Hobo Alley.

Here are my current missions in my case log:

1 - Search Hobo Alley for a place to live.
2 - Return the giant winding key to Anne-Claire.
2 - Return the gear to Anne-Claire.
3 - Bring Anne-Claire 154 parts to upgrade your weapon again.
3 - Bring Anne-Claire 154 parts to upgrade Gabe's weapon again.
3 - Bring Anne-Claire 154 parts to upgrade Tycho's weapon again.
8 - Find a ticket so Kurtis Swindell will let you into the boardwalk.

User Info: jimfromtx

12 years ago#4
Have you been through the entirety of hobo alley, including the apartment building? If you haven't been to the warehouse in the apartment building, you'll have to beat the boss there to progress, most likely.

User Info: mazloum

12 years ago#5
Bump, I'm facing the exact problem....I've defeated the boss at the warehouse, and I've given her the key before, but she doesn't take the gear at all.....help!
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User Info: jumpman17

12 years ago#6
I can't even give her the key. Although I didn't even try until I already had the gear.

User Info: DomQc

12 years ago#7
yeah i got the same prob anyone have a solution

User Info: ScKenzy

12 years ago#8

first locate your savefiles


C:Documents and SettingsYour User Name HereLocal SettingsApplication DataHotheadGamesRainSlickEp1


C:UsersUsername goes hereAppdataLocalHotheadGamesRainSlickEp1

(Appdata is a hidden folder)


/Users/Your User Name Here/Library/Preferences/HotheadGames/RainSlickEp1/.



when you found them,pick the latest one,open it with notepad, find the values for the wound up key and the gear, change the mfrom "1" to "2" , save. then you can proceed to hobo alley and tal kto the pee-professor and continue the story.

(note:you still can't hand in the key and gear to anne, because it wil lshow up as "used" anyway, so don't worry about that, jsut go ahead with the urinologist hehe.)

oh and there's no shame in pirating games, economy is tough hehe.

later on you wil lfidn at pelican bay that the fortune teller stand is gone, that's another problem with pirated games, the solution to that is before you even set foot in pelican bay, you gotta find the savefile and change the value of fortune teller and any *crystal*/*fortune* settings to "0"

User Info: ckreasul

12 years ago#9
Tried that, but the pee guy is gone completely now. Any other suggestions?

User Info: joker777

12 years ago#10
I had this problem but I had given her the key first then went and got th etoken to get the gear and went back and there was no option to give her the gear. I went back a couple save files and got both at the same time went back and the option was there to give her one then the other.
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