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User Info: Njolin

12 years ago#1
I'm a big fan of PA, and I've been looking at the game, but I'm interested at how much content there is. What would be an average playtime, assuming I took my time and did whatever optional stuff there may be?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Njolin

12 years ago#2

User Info: jimfromtx

12 years ago#3
I'd say anywhere from 6-10 hours, depending on how much farming of the containers (crates, trashcans, etc) you do for items, how many times you reload (if you didn't get that overkill, etc), and how much of the guide you use. Plus, to complete the game in its entire entirety, you'd want to get all the concept art and all the albums, which can be hard to find. Then again, as long as you don't approach/beat the final boss, you're free to look about the game for more stuff (handy if you're low on items, you can't buy them!)

User Info: Njolin

12 years ago#4
Not bad for 20 bucks. I played the demo and it had me laughing out loud at points.

User Info: gondomwing

12 years ago#5
id say 8-12 depending on what you do and how good you are

User Info: Megaman427

12 years ago#6
Just bought it today, final time was 5.5 hours. There is still a little I could do with maxing out my characters and getting a few items.
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