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User Info: slugge

12 years ago#1
Madame Zodora's stand is already broken for me, what to do?!

User Info: Illidan115

12 years ago#2
Yea, I think I have the same problem, maybe there is a way to alter the save file?

User Info: Crimsonrose1449

12 years ago#3
You could either contact greenhouse, or buy the game. Their aware the zodora bug is mainly due to pirated versions, so you may want to supply your purchase key when you contact them.
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User Info: Wastrel628

12 years ago#4
I know I'm late on this, but a bug that specifically exists on pirated versions of the game could quite possible be the awesomest thing I've ever heard.

User Info: Taelith

12 years ago#5
Actually there really must be a way to alter the save file tho. I know an earlier bug for some people could be fixed by altering it, but I haven't heard of what to do in the case of this bug.

And no, it's not only in the pirated versions of the game. There are some specific places that had an old version or something that this happens on too.
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