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User Info: hhguguy

11 years ago#1

if you want to conver it use any convert program

F0259d98 0c09670e

Max/Inf Money
2094D8F4 4CBEBC20

Digimon 1 Max/Inf HP
20a04fc4 46З3C00

20a04fc8 4b18967f

All of Items < - - Press Select to activate Use after you've
loaded your game. If you activate it in the Items menu, exit
the menu and go back and the items will all be there.
E003FFFE 00304b82
2030472C 000A0000
10304730 000002fd
10304734 000002fd
400A0000 02FD0001
00630001 00000001

Enable Code (Must Be On)
90259D98 0C09670E

*MISC Codes
Max/Inf Money
2094D8F4 4CBEBC20

No Random Battles
2094DA48 40A00000

Every Step Battle
2094DA48 43878000

*Salamon Info COdes (Everyone)
Max Digi Eggs
2094E728 447A0000

Treasure Chests Opend
2094DA5C 461C3C00

Digimon Encounters
2094DA84 461C3C00

Toltal Number of Steps
2094DA88 4B18967F

Bits Used
2094D8F0 4B18967F

*Stat Codes
DigiMon Agumon Level 99
20A04FC0 42C60000

DigiMon Agumon Max/Inf HP
20A04FC4 461C3C00

DigiMon Agumon Current Exp
20A04FC8 ????????

DigiMon Lalamon Level 99
20A05DD4 42C60000

DigiMon Lalamon Max/Inf HP
20A05DD8 461C3C00

DigiMon Lalamon Current Exp
20A05DDC ????????

DigiMon Gaomon Level 99
20A06BE8 42C60000

DigiMon Gaomon Max/Inf HP
20A06BEC 461C3C00

DigiMon Gaomon Current Exp
20A06BF0 ????????

DigiMon Falcomon Level 99
20A079FC 42C60000

DigiMon Falcomon Max/Inf HP
20A07A00 461C3C00

DigiMon Falcomon Current Exp
20A07A04 ????????

DigiMon Biyomon Level 99
20A08810 42C60000

DigiMon Biyomon Max/Inf HP
20A08814 461C3C00

DigiMon Biyomon Current Exp
20A08818 ????????

DigiMon Renamon Level 99
20A09624 42C60000

DigiMon Renamon Max/Inf HP
20A09628 461C3C00

DigiMon Renamon Current Exp
20A0962C ????????

*Items Codes
Activator For Item Codes
#Press select to activate Use after u have loaded your game.. if u activate it in the items menu exit the menu and go back and the items will all be there ..
E003FFFE 00304B82
2030472C 000A0000
10304730 00000131
10304734 00000131

All Of Items (Compleat)
400A0000 00670001
00630001 00000001
400A019C 003B0001
0063006A 00000001
400A0288 003B0001
006300A6 00000001
400A0374 00050001
006300E2 00000001
400A0388 002F0001
006300E8 00000001
400A0444 000A0001
0063011F 00000001
400A046C 00050001
0063012D 00000001
400A0480 00050001
006302C3 00000001
200A0494 00080001
006302C9 00000001

*Item Codes - Individual
Activator For Item Codes
#Press select to activate Use after u have loaded your game.. if u activate it in the items menu exit the menu and go back and the items will all be there ..
E003FFFE 00304B82
2030472C 000A0000
10304730 00000131
10304734 00000131

HP Chip
200A0000 00630001

STR Chip
200A0004 00630002

INT Chip
200A0008 00630003

DEF Chip
200A000C 00630004

AGL Chip
200A0010 00630005

DEX Chip
200A0014 00630006

200A0018 00630007

Power Boost
200A001C 00630008

M Power Boost
200A0020 00630009

G Power Boost
200A0024 0063000A

T Power Boost
200A0028 0063000B

200A002C 0063000C

M INT-boost
200A0030 0063000D

G INT-boost
200A0034 0063000E

T INT-boost
200A0038 0063000F

Armor Boost
200A003C 00630010

M Armor Boost
200A0040 00630011

G Armor Boost
200A0044 00630012

T Armor Boost
200A0048 00630013

Speed Boost
200A004C 00630014

M Speed Boost
200A0050 00630015

G Speed Boost
200A0054 00630016

T Speed Boost
200A0058 00630017

Hit Boost
200A005C 00630018

M Hit Boost
200A0060 00630019

G Hit Boost
200A0064 0063001A

T Hit Boost
200A0068 0063001B

Luck Boost
200A006C 0063001C

M Luck Boost
200A0070 0063001D

G Luck Boost
200A0074 0063001E

T Luck Boost
200A0078 0063001F

Boost H
200A007C 00630020

M Boost H
200A0080 00630021

G Boost H
200A0084 00630022

T Boost H
200A0088 00630023

Power Worm
200A008C 00630024

M Power Worm
200A0090 00630025

G Power Worm
200A0094 00630026

T Power Worm
200A0098 00630027

200A009C 00630028

M Intelliworm
200A00A0 00630029

G Intelliworm
200A00A4 0063002A

T Intelliworm
200A00A8 0063002B

Armor Worm
200A00AC 0063002C

M Armor Worm
200A00B0 0063002D

G Armor Worm
200A00B4 0063002E

T Armor Worm
200A00B8 0063002F

Speed Worm
200A00BC 00630030

M Speed Worm
200A00C0 00630031

G Speed Worm
200A00C4 00630032

T Speed Worm
200A00C8 00630033

Heat Worm
200A00CC 00630034

M Heat Worm
200A00D0 00630035

G Heat Worm
200A00D4 00630036

T Heat Worm
200A00D8 00630037

Luck Worm
200A00DC 00630038

M Luck Worm
200A00E0 00630039

G Luck Worm
200A00E4 0063003A

T Luck Worm
200A00E8 0063003B

Worm H
200A00EC 0063003C

M Worm H
200A00F0 0063003D

G Worm H
200A00F4 0063003E

T Worm H
200A00F8 0063003F

Power 100
200A00FC 00630040

Power 200
200A0100 00630041

Power 500
200A0104 00630042

INT 100
200A0108 00630043

INT 200
200A010C 00630044

INT 500
200A0110 00630045

Armor 100
200A0114 00630046

Armor 200
200A0118 00630047

Armor 500
200A011C 00630048

Speed 100
200A0120 00630049

Speed 200
200A0124 0063004A

Speed 500
200A0128 0063004B

Hit 100
200A012C 0063004C

Hit 200
200A0130 0063004D

Hit 500
200A0134 0063004E

Luck 100
200A0138 0063004F

Luck 200
200A013C 00630050

Luck 500
200A0140 00630051

Poison Bomb
200A0144 00630052

M Poison Bomb
200A0148 00630053

V Poison Bomb
200A014C 00630054

Clear Poison
200A0150 00630055

Sleep Bomb
200A0154 00630056

V Sleep Bomb
200A0158 00630057

Clear Sleep
200A015C 00630058

Charm Bomb
200A0160 00630059

V Charm Bomb
200A0164 0063005A

Clear Charm
200A0168 0063005B

Panic Bomb
200A016C 0063005C

V Panic Bomb
200A0170 0063005D

Clear Panic
200A0174 0063005E

Freeze Bomb
200A0178 0063005F

V Freeze Bomb
200A017C 00630060

Clear Freeze
200A0180 00630061

Curse Bomb
200A0184 00630062

V Curse Bomb
200A0188 00630063

Clear Curse
200A018C 00630064

Resist H
200A0190 00630065

Anti H
200A0194 00630066

Clear H
200A0198 00630067

D Smoke Screen
200A019C 0063006A

Steal Guard
200A01A0 0063006B

G Anger -
200A01A4 0063006C

M Anger -
200A01A8 0063006D

Anger -
200A01AC 0063006E

Anger +
200A01B0 0063006F

M Anger +
200A01B4 00630070

G Anger +
200A01B8 00630071

Anger -40
200A01BC 00630072

Anger -20
200A01C0 00630073

Anger 0
200A01C4 00630074

Anger +20
200A01C8 00630075

Anger +40
200A01CC 00630076

G Tension -
200A01D0 00630077

M Tension -
200A01D4 00630078

Tension -
200A01D8 00630079

Tension +
200A01DC 0063007A

M Tension +
200A01E0 0063007B

G Tension +
200A01E4 0063007C

Tension -40
200A01E8 0063007D

Tension -20
200A01EC 0063007E

Tension 0
200A01F0 0063007F

Tension +20
200A01F4 00630080

Tension +40
200A01F8 00630081

G Sympathy -
200A01FC 00630082

M Sympathy -
200A0200 00630083

Sympathy -
200A0204 00630084

Sympathy +
200A0208 00630085

M Sympathy +
200A020C 00630086

G Sympathy +
200A0210 00630087

Sympathy -40
200A0214 00630088

Sympathy -20
200A0218 00630089

Sympathy 0
200A021C 0063008A

Sympathy +20
200A0220 0063008B

Sympathy +40
200A0224 0063008C

G STR-will -
200A0228 0063008D

M STR-will -
200A022C 0063008E

Strong-will -
200A0230 0063008F

Strong-will +
200A0234 00630090

M STR-will +
200A0238 00630091

G STR-will +
200A023C 00630092

STR-will -40
200A0240 00630093

STR-will -20
200A0244 00630094

Strong-will 0
200A0248 00630095

STR-will +20
200A024C 00630096

STR-will +40
200A0250 00630097

Death Egg
200A0254 00630098

DR Death Egg
200A0258 00630099

NSp Death Egg
200A025C 0063009A

JT Death Egg
200A0260 0063009B

ME Death Egg
200A0264 0063009C

DS Death Egg
200A0268 0063009D

WG Death Egg
200A026C 0063009E

VB Death Egg
200A0270 0063009F

NSo Death Egg
200A0274 006300A0

RKE Death Egg
200A0278 006300A1

CHMP Death Egg
200A027C 006300A2

ULT Death Egg
200A0280 006300A3

Mega Death Egg
200A0284 006300A4

Death Guard
200A0288 006300A6

200A028C 006300A7

M Digiscope
200A0290 006300A8

Mirage Barrier
200A0294 006300A9

200A0298 006300AA

Recover Key
200A029C 006300AB

M Recover Key
200A02A0 006300AC

HP Charge
200A02A4 006300AD

KHP Charge
200A02A8 006300AE

MHP Charge
200A02AC 006300AF

GHP Charge
200A02B0 006300B0

THP Charge
200A02B4 006300B1

HP Charge H
200A02B8 006300B2

KHP Charge H
200A02BC 006300B3

MHP Charge H
200A02C0 006300B4

GHP Charge H
200A02C4 006300B5

THP Charge H
200A02C8 006300B6

HP Heal
200A02CC 006300B7

MHP Heal
200A02D0 006300B8

GHP Heal
200A02D4 006300B9

HP Heal H
200A02D8 006300BA

MHP Heal H
200A02DC 006300BB

GHP Heal H
200A02E0 006300BC

A Attack Seal
200A02E4 006300BD

A Guard Seal
200A02E8 006300BE

A Escape Seal
200A02EC 006300BF

A Support Seal
200A02F0 006300C0

DR Enchant
200A02F4 006300C1

NSp Enchant
200A02F8 006300C2

JT Enchant
200A02FC 006300C3

ME Enchant
200A0300 006300C4

DS Enchant
200A0304 006300C5

WG Enchant
200A0308 006300C6

VB Enchant
200A030C 006300C7

NSo Enchant
200A0310 006300C8

Resist DR
200A0314 006300C9

Resist NSp
200A0318 006300CA

Resist JT
200A031C 006300CB

Resist ME
200A0320 006300CC

Resist DS
200A0324 006300CD

Resist WG
200A0328 006300CE

Resist VB
200A032C 006300CF

Resist Nso
200A0330 006300D0

DR Drive
200A0334 006300D1

NSp Drive
200A0338 006300D2

JT Drive
200A033C 006300D3

ME Drive
200A0340 006300D4

DS Drive
200A0344 006300D5

WG Drive
200A0348 006300D6

VB Drive
200A034C 006300D7

NSo Drive
200A0350 006300D8

Mine 100
200A0354 006300D9

Mine 500
200A0358 006300DA

Mine 1000
200A035C 006300DB

Mine 2000
200A0360 006300DC

200A0364 006300DD

Low Encounter
200A0368 006300DE

High Encounter
200A036C 006300DF

No Encounter
200A0370 006300E0

200A0374 006300E2

Normal Status
200A0378 006300E3

HP Recharge
200A037C 006300E4

200A0380 006300E5

Double Attack
200A0384 006300E6

CRT Damage
200A0388 006300E8

M CRT Damage
200A038C 006300E9

Resist Steal
200A0390 006300EA

M Cut Damage
200A0394 006300EB

G Cut Damage
200A0398 006300EC

T Cut Damage
200A039C 006300ED

Cut Damage H
200A03A0 006300EE

M Cut Damage H
200A03A4 006300EF

T Cut Damage H
200A03A8 006300F0

STR Guard
200A03AC 006300F1

INT Guard
200A03B0 006300F2

Perfect Guard
200A03B4 006300F3

200A03B8 006300F4

200A03BC 006300F5

Escape Up
200A03C0 006300F6

Escape Guard
200A03C4 006300F7

Perfect Hit
200A03C8 006300F8

Attack Up
200A03CC 006300F9

Attack Up H
200A03D0 006300FA

200A03D4 006300FB

200A03D8 006300FC

200A03DC 006300FD

200A03E0 006300FE

200A03E4 006300FF

200A03E8 00630100

200A03EC 00630101

No Emotion
200A03F0 00630102

200A03F4 00630103

DR Reflect
200A03F8 00630104

NSp Reflect
200A03FC 00630105

JT Reflect
200A0400 00630106

ME Reflect
200A0404 00630107

DS Reflect
200A0408 00630108

WG Reflect
200A040C 00630109

VB Reflect
200A0410 0063010A

NSo Reflect
200A0414 0063010B

Persevere ATK
200A0418 0063010C

All or Nothing
200A041C 0063010D

Lonely Command
200A0420 0063010E

Open command
200A0424 0063010F

200A0428 00630110

STR-INT Change
200A042C 00630111

Half Damage
200A0430 00630112

200A0434 00630113

200A0438 00630114

200A043C 00630115

200A0440 00630116

Steal Up
200A0444 0063011F

Critical Up
200A0448 00630120

M Critical Up
200A044C 00630121

Acquire Item
200A0450 00630122

M Acquire Item
200A0454 00630123

Anger RVRS
200A0458 00630124

Tension RVRS
200A045C 00630125

Sympathy RVRS
200A0460 00630126

200A0464 00630127

Return Key
200A0468 00630128

WhiteBox Lunch
200A046C 0063012D

BlackBox Lunch
200A0470 0063012E

Omelet Curry
200A0474 0063012F

Curry Rice
200A0478 00630130

Command All
200A047C 00630131

Blue Jewel
200A0480 006302C3

Red Jewel
200A0484 006302C4

Yellow Jewel
200A0488 006302C5

Rainbow Jewel
200A048C 006302C6

Fishing String
200A0490 006302C7

X Antibody
200A0494 006302C9

Swiss Cheese
200A0498 006302CA

Knowledge DE
200A049C 006302CB

Honesty DE
200A04A0 006302CC

Hope DE
200A04A4 006302CD

Light DE
200A04A8 006302CE

Love DE
200A04AC 006302CF

200A04B0 006302D0

Holy Ring
200A04B4 006302D2

*Character Sub Codes
Activator (Press L1+L2)
#press once u are in the game
200C002C 3C010029
200C0030 34219F08
200C0034 20223FE0
200C0038 20433FE0
200C003C 20643FE0
200C0040 20853FE0
200C0044 20A63FE0
200C0048 8C210000
200C004C 8C420000
200C0050 8C630000
200C0054 8C840000
200C0058 8CA50000
200C005C 8CC60000
200C0060 10200027
200C0068 3C07461C
200C006C 34E73C00
200C0100 03E00008
D0304B82 0000FAFF
20232110 0803000B

Character 1 Max/Inf HP
200C0070 AC2700CC

Character 2 Max/Inf HP
200C0074 AC4700CC

Character 3 Max/Inf HP
200C0078 AC6700CC

Character 4 Max/Inf HP
200C007C AC8700CC

Character 5 Max/Inf HP
200C0080 ACA700CC

Character 6 Max/Inf HP
200C0080 ACC700CC

*Exp Gain codes
Activator (Must be on)
200C0000 C5E00000
200C0004 24030034
200C0008 14700005
200C0018 4483A000
200C0020 08049675
200C0024 46140000
201259D0 08030000
201259D4 00000000

Exp Gain Mod (Per Battle)
200C0010 3C03????
200C0014 34630000

&Gain mode Digits
461C = 9984
47C3 = 99840
4974 = 999424

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