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User Info: amioran

11 years ago#1

I discovered that the user.cfg inside the game directory actually has many commands that slows down frame rates considerably. The configuration inside this directory is never used if not when the game is firstly started or when the user.cfg inside the Appdata is removed. As I said it contains many commands that greatly reduce frame rates. Problem is that if you just remove the user.cfgthat it's used by the game all thiscommands will be recreated back andthe performance of the game will be greatly reduced.

So Idiscovered that if you rename the user.cfg that recreates these commands (the one inside the game dir) and you delete the user.cfg used by the game you have an HUGE increase in FPS. However you cannotsimplydelete the user.cfg inside the game dir because it contains some keybindings that are not recreated by default by the game.

To cirumvent the trouble do this:

A) Under the game directory you will find the user.cfg I'm speaking about. Rename it to user.txt. We are doing this because on the next step we are going to delete the user.cfg actually used by the game, and if you don't rename the user.cfg inside the game directory the commands in it will be copied in the user.cfg recreated. However you cannot delete the file because it contains some keyboard binding nots recreated automatically by the game, you have topaste them manually.

B) Go under UserX\Appdata\Local\4A Games\Metro2033\ directory (where UserX is your username). Be sure to have the ability to look hidden files or you will not see the "Local" directory and its content. Inside you will find the user.cfg used by the game. Delete it (yes, delete it, don't worry).

C) Start the game. You will notice that the settings will be reverted back. Just put all the settings as they were before. Now exit the game.

D) Return under the UserX\Appdata\Local\4A Games\Metro2033\ directory. You will see that the file user.cfg has being recreated. This is fine. Now open another window and go inside the game directory. Open the user.txt (that it was user.cfg that you renamed). Now you have to past all "bind ..." keyboard commands (the one with "kX" as "kESCAPE" for example)inside the user.cfg file. You must do this because there are somebindings that as I said are not recreated by default. If you don't do this step for example the ESC key will not work to go to the menu while you are playing.

E) After you have finished pasting the bindings (it should begin with "bind changemenumap kESCAPE" and end with "bind wpn_aim mouse1", the rest you don't need since they are keypads bindings) save the file. You are done.

F) Now try the game. If you have done all correctly you should notice an HUGE increase in FPS.

NOTE: As I said don't delete the user.cfg inside the game directory, if you do it then you will have to reinstall the game or recreate them manually.

NOTE2: If you don't understand a word of what I'm saying then don't either try to do this. Chances are that you will just break the game. These steps assumes that you know a little of what I'm talking about.

NOTE3: I discovered this method because I deleted unintentionally the user.cfg under AppData and also the user.cfg under the game dir (because I thought that this last wasn't neither used). While I had a little of trouble because I didn't know the binding for the ESC key (I wrote "bind changemenumap kESC" instead of "ESCAPE" and it didn't work) I also noticed that the FPS increase was really enormous. If you watch the two user.cfg you will notice that the one inside the game dir has many more commands that while not giving more visual quality they actually increase FPS dramatically. I think they are 3D settings not used by the engine that however eats FPS.

NOTE4: You don't need to put Vsync ON with this method. The increase in FPS is much more than the simple change. Naturally you can use it if you want, however notice that if you don't use Triple Buffering now using Vsync will actually give an hit on FPS as it should normally do.

User Info: behemuth_Zero

11 years ago#2

OK! very nice dude, it really do work, i can now play on very high settings instead of high, however you forgot to mention the following, so i will to save anyone else the same headace as me

Once you start the game to revert the settings tho what they where, do not forget to do the same with master volume and music volume, if you do not you need to manually crank them up each time you start the game.

Considering you need to click and click to make the bar go up, this can be irritating.

User Info: amioran

11 years ago#3
Yes, sorry, I forgot to add that too.

You can do it more fast changing these settings manually (copy & paste):

s_master_volume 0.95
s_music_volume 0.95

When the user.cfg is firstly recreated they are at 0.00

User Info: amioran

11 years ago#4
Just to make the method faster I am posting the commands that make the game be less FPS hungry, with all the key bindings etc. You will just have to copy & paste these commands in your user.cfg inside the Appdata dir, change resolution and change the game quality after to what you want. You don't need to do anything else. This way it is much easier:

Change "r_res_hor" and "r_res_vert" to the resolution settings you use (mine is 1680 x 1050). These settings are all Very High, DX10, AAA. If you have those you need only to change the aforementioned resolution (if it's not already at 1680x1050), for all others just start the game after changing resolution and change the settings inside to what you want them.

_show_subtitles 1
ai::feel_vision off
ai::feel_vision_ex off
ai::graph off
ai::graph::links off
ai::graph::normals off
ai::graph::radius 10.
ai::look_body off
ai::look_head off
ai::path::detail off
ai::path::patrol off
ai::path::vertex off
ai::patrol off
ai::space_restrictions off
aim_assist 1.
bind changemenumap kESCAPE
bind wpn_1 k1
bind wpn_2 k2
bind wpn_3 k3
bind wpn_4 k4
bind wpn_5 k5
bind medkit kQ
bind forward kW
bind use kE
bind wpn_reload kR
bind time kT
bind wpn_next kLBRACKET
bind wpn_prev kRBRACKET
bind menu_enter kRETURN
bind crouch kLCONTROL
bind lstrafe kA
bind back kS
bind rstrafe kD
bind wpn_light kF
bind gasmask kG
bind console kGRAVE
bind sprint kLSHIFT
bind crouch_toggle kZ
bind accel kX
bind nightvision kN
bind map kM
bind jump kSPACE
bind cam_zoom_out kSUBTRACT
bind cam_zoom_in kADD
bind pause kPAUSE
bind up kUP
bind left kLEFT
bind right kRIGHT
bind down kDOWN
bind wpn_fire mouse0
bind wpn_aim mouse1
bind nightvision x_dpad_up
bind gasmask x_dpad_down
bind wpn_next x_dpad_left
bind wpn_prev x_dpad_right
bind changemenumap x_start
bind map x_back
bind sprint x_left_thumb
bind wpn_light x_right_thumb
bind time x_left_shoulder
bind wpn_reload x_right_shoulder
bind jump x_a
bind crouch_toggle x_b
bind use x_x
bind medkit x_y
bind wpn_aim x_left_trigger
bind wpn_fire x_right_trigger
dbg_cameratrack 0
fast_wpn_change 0
g_autopickup off
g_debug_levels_enabled 0
g_game_difficulty 1
g_input_hand 0
g_quick_hints 1
g_show_crosshair on
gamepad_preset 0
inv_y_controller 0
invert_y_axis off
joy_sens_adhersion 0.8
joy_sens_aiming_x 0.5
joy_sens_frict 0.5
joy_sens_linear 0.
joy_sens_x 1.
lang_sound us
lang_text us
mouse_aim_sens 0.208
mouse_sens 0.5
msaa 0
ph_advanced_physX 0
ph_ce_sound_distance 70.
ph_ce_sound_maxvelocity 50.
ph_ce_sound_minvelocity 1.
ph_dump_stats 0
ph_enable_int_coll 1
physx_connect_to_agperfmon 0
physx_connect_to_debugger 0
r_af_level 0
r_api 1
r_bloom_threshold 0.9
r_can_miniformat 0
r_dao 0
r_dbg_portals 0
r_dbg_stereo_auto_separation 1
r_dbg_texture_usage 0
r_deblur_dist 10.
r_dvd 1
r_dx11_dof 1
r_dx11_tess 1
r_exp_temporal 0
r_fullscreen on
r_gamma 1.
r_gi 0
r_gi_distance 16.
r_gi_intensity 2.
r_gi_overlap 0.5
r_gi_quality 0.4
r_hud_weapon on
r_light_frames2sleep 10
r_mipcolor 0
r_msaa_level 0
r_quality_level 3
r_res_hor 1680
r_res_vert 1050
r_safe_area 0
r_sun_depth_far_bias 0.
r_sun_depth_far_scale 1.
r_sun_depth_near_bias -0.00004
r_sun_depth_near_scale 1.00001
r_sun_near_border 0.66
r_sun_near_range 16.
r_sun_tsm_bias -0.05
r_sun_tsm_projection 0.3
r_supersample 1.
r_vsync off
s_dbg_peak_meter 1
s_dbg_portals 0
s_hdr_graph 0
s_master_volume 0.95
s_music_volume 0.95
sick_camera 0.
sick_fov 60.
sick_mblur 0.
sick_mouse 0.
sick_slowmo 0.
stats off
vibration 3
xbox_state_data ()()

User Info: pate9993

11 years ago#5

I tried your method but i didn't see any difference with my fps at all. I'm not sure did i do it right i mean just copy those commands>delete everything in the user.cfg and paste those commands then play?

User Info: askpeevies

11 years ago#6
can anyone else confirm that this works? and does it increase the FPS over the vsync/triple buffering method?
FFXI-Egobrane-Taru WAR75 CoP/RoZ/ToAU/WotG/ACP/aMKD-Asura

User Info: amioran

11 years ago#7
There are three different user.cfg in this game. One is inside the game directory. Another is inside the steam one and the last one is inside the Appdata dir. Usually the user.cfg used by the game is only the one in Appdata. Just in case copy & paste the commands also in the one in the steam dir (also if it should be unnecessary).

You need to change the one in the Appdata dir with those commands. If this doesn't seem to make any effect in your system then just do the steps in the first post. If you do it correctly you will notice an huge increase in FPS.

To be sure that you have done everything fine open the user.cfg inside the Appdata and the user.cfg inside the game directory. If both are the same (i.e. have the same amount of commands with only marginal modifies) then you have done something wrong. The user.cfg inside the Appdata directory should contain much less commands.

BTW you will notice the most difference in FPS in fog areas.

User Info: behemuth_Zero

11 years ago#8

btw, does this method remove/modify any graphical aspects, if so which ones?

User Info: askpeevies

11 years ago#9
It didn't really cause any sort of noticable gains for me, running on High in DX9
FFXI-Egobrane-Taru WAR75 CoP/RoZ/ToAU/WotG/ACP/aMKD-Asura

User Info: funbagsrus

11 years ago#10
Posted 3/19/2010 8:57:11 AM
message detail


Awesome list/post/thread, and thanks a ton man! I'll have to try them out when I get the game.

But one quick question:

What does Triple-A have to do with running this game?

Hopefully you didn't have to call a tow-truck...
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