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TheCasualgamer 4 months ago#1
Does anyone have a backstory for their character they're willing to share? (I.e., who they were before the game started, how they were placed in the dungeon, etc.)

Mine involves the Daedraguard, a group of Breton soldiers who had their souls fused with a shard of Oblivion to fight off the Daedra with their own power. My characters' regiment was killed in a conflict. Suffering survivors guilt, he realizes that his group was betrayed from within, and is now searching for the traitor. I can give more information on request.
Bowhunter2525 2 months ago#2
Ganredhel's cousin. Hatreds Huntress. Her home was attacked-invaded by vampires who fed upon her family members while she hid in the attic. The attack was orchestrated by Necromancers who wanted freshly killed bodies. When she escaped the horror and went to the City to report she was framed for crimes by the necromancer cabal in the mages guild and thrown in jail. While in there she had dreams that led her to Meridia's shrine, and presumable Meridia sent dreams to the Emperor also. Meridia, in addition to hating undead, is also a foe of Merhunes Dagon, so our hero was sent in to the deadlands to look for a hypothesized weapon made to kill the bearer of the Spear of Bitter Mercy and the Storm Atronach's it could summon (Merhune's Dagon has four arms so he can wield a mace and bow at the same time). If she prayed to Meridia while bathed in the energy of the exploding sigil towers Meridia would/could give her extended life each time to use the weapons to hunt and destroy vampires, necromancers and undead.
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