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12 years ago#1

(That I wish I knew from the beginning)

Skill raising is #26. Duping is #27. Constant Effect #28. Hatreds Soul info #29. Lorddrago's info is from #30-#37. Blackmist27's info is from #38-#67. 'A Ring of Keys' #67.
**Copy and paste these sites, and add them to your favorites:

*The ultimate Oblivion site:

*All equipment and spells in the game:

*Alphabetical world map of Cyrodiil (right click on map and save it, then open it with Windows Picture Viewer to zoom in):

*Interactive world map:

*Alchemy guide (thanks mewantcookie):

*Spells and the NPC's that sell them (thanks Yoshi22690):
#1. To see your outline with 100% Chameleon, add another item and then remove it. Or cast a chameleon spell when you are already at 100. So if you have 4 items each at 25% chameleon, you will not be able to see your outline. To fix this add another chameleon item and remove it, or cast a chameleon spell and when it expires, you will see your outline.

#2. You can yield in a fight by holding block and talking to the person. Great for when you accidentally hit an ally.

#3. Repairing a BOUND ITEM, dropping it, and waiting for the spell to expire makes it permanent! You can make your own 'disintegrate armor/weapon on self' spell at a spellmaking altar.

*To move or hold an item, press and hold L2. This works directly from your inventory also.
*Press L2 to quickly jump down to 1 on the "how many" screen.
*In the options menu L2 works too.
*Hold L2 on your world and local map to move it more quickly.

#5. Enchanting a stolen item removes it's stolen status.

#6. Holding block while casting spells casts twice as fast.

#7. Fin Gleam is off the coast of anvil. Use the world map to locate an island off the coast of anvil. Stand on that island and walk directly WEST aiming at the 'b' in 'Abecian Sea'. The green glass helmet is underwater near the bottom around some rocks.
Exact location of the Fin Gleam helm (thanks gmims44):

Large map:

Small map:

Note the horseshoe-shaped rock formation.

#8. Brusef Amelion's armor (white ebony/white steel) is located in Ameleon's tomb, north of Leyawiin along the east bank of the river. The armor is scattered around the tomb. The shield is behind a crate, The helmet is behind some wisp stalks near the hole you jump down in at the end. The gauntlets are on the ground at a dead end.

#9. You can choose which random oblivion gate you get by saving just before you enter, if it's not the one you want, reload. This also works for the sigil stones. Save before you activate it, if it's not the one you want... reload.

#10. Shady Sam is north of Chestnut Handy Stables along the imperial city's outer wall. He's there 24/7. He sells lockpicks and poison.

#11. The Skeleton Key is the reward that Nocturnal's Shrine gives you. You must be level 10 to start this quest. It's located northeast of Leyawiin.

User Info: kevindrosario

12 years ago#2
#12. Use your compass at the bottom of the screen to locate PLACES. Notice when you are walking up to a cave, the cave symbol gets brighter and brighter. This can help you locate places in the area.

#13. To make a black soul gem, go to a necromancers altar with an empty grand soul gem. Place the gem inside the altar and look up at the sky. If you see a faint pink/purple light beaming down on the altar, you're ready. If not, wait 24 hours, and look at the sky again. The light will appear every 8th day plus 1 of days spent in game (i.e. 1, 9, 17, 25 etc.)

#14. You can place weightless items on people. Pickpocket them and go to your inventory. So if you want someone to burn to death, give them a bound boots with fire damage on self enchantment. Funny!!

#15. Umbra is in Vindasel. That's SW of the Imperial City. Look at your world map, it's along the ring road that surrounds lake rumare. For more information see 'Clavicus Vile' in the Daedric Quests Guide in the 'FAQ/Guide' section.

#16. The giant mudcrab is in Greenmead cave. Located above the word 'gold' in 'The Gold Road' between Skingrad and The Imperial City. Great loot in there.

#17. Enemies and treasure respawn after 3 days.

#18. A good place to find master alchemy equipment is in Varondo, North of Kvatch. It's high level random loot. At level 50 it took me only two runthroughs to get all four master items. Great for magical staves too.

#19. The giant nirnroot is located around a pond in the 'k' in 'skingrad' on the world map. It's worth only one nirnroot like all the others, so don't take it, leave it there to admire. Works best in third person.

#20. Nirnroots are located along the edge of water. Sinderion in the West Weald Inn of Skingrad requires a total of 100 nirnroots. I found all 100 using boots of waterwalking and going around the large rivers and especially around Lake Rumare. Listen for the hum/buzz that they make.

#21. You can only train or buy from most merchants during the day. This includes people inside the mages and fighters guilds.

#22. To move the camera around your character:
Press and hold R3. Press L1 to zoom in and R1 to zoom out.

#23. Uderfrykte Matron
Dive Rock is located NE of Cheydinhal, way up in the mountains. To find the monster, walk SE from the tent.

#24. Clearing the cache: Delete the file in the Game Utility Folder on the XMB.

#25. The unicorn is in Hircines Grove. That's east of the 'Inn of Ill Omen'. There is only one unicorn. To ride it, sheath your weapon, or charm it, calm it, or sneak up on it. When it dies take its horn. Its a quest item.

User Info: kevindrosario

12 years ago#3
#26. Some tips to raise skills:

*You can make a 'drain skill' on self spell at a spellmaking altar which will allow you to train with even the lowest trainer. Cast it on yourself just before talking to them.

Acrobatics - Find a low ceiling and jump as fast as you can. This works well in the Lonely Suitor Lodge in Bravil.

Alchemy - Dupe 2000 breadloafs, and 2000 cheese wedges, and make 2000 useless potions. By far the quickest level up in the game.

Armorer - From 1-75: Hotkey a repair hammer and use it after every swing. Or make a 'disintegrate weapon on self' spell at a spellmaking altar and cast, repair, repeat. From 75-100: Cast bound item, repair, repeat.

Athletics - Tie your wire around the controller holding it in the forward position. Swimming works faster than running.

Blade, Blunt, Hand-to-hand, Marksman - Summon a creature when you are 100 chameleon. Turn up the difficulty so they have more health. Beat it down. repeat. Or you can just go dungeon diving and beat down those monsters while you're chameleoned with their difficulty turned up.
*If you havn't completed Peryite's Shrine Quest, you can use the frozen people at that location to level up.

Magic - Hold block to cast twice as fast, and cast over and over. Make the cheapest possible spell for each school.

Speechcraft - Spin the wheel and press X as fast as you can. You gain levels whether you please them or not.

Mercantile - Sell 1000 arrows one at a time. Press L2 at the how many screen to save time. Painfully slow. You could train this one.

Heavy armor, Light armor, Block - find some rats to hit you a lot without damaging you much. It levels up quickly. Bring some cure disease potions.

Sneak - Tie your wire around the controller in the forward position while 'sneaking' into a corner. I used the goblin in the begginning of the game to get a sneak of 100.

Security - Get the skeleton key and keep auto-attempting.

User Info: kevindrosario

12 years ago#4
#27. Duping
(item duplication)

Follow this step by step.

To start you will need to get scrolls equal to the number of "duplicates" you want to be made of the item you are duping.
So if you want 20 healing potions, you need to 20 of the same scroll.

*IF YOU ARE NEW TO DUPING, test this out with 5 scrolls and 1 potion, just to see how it works, then you can play around with it.


1. Equip the scrolls.

2. Drop the item you wish to duplicate and exit inventory.

Some TIPS on duping:

*Make sure items are repaired to 100 (not 125) and recharged if necessary.

*Some items just wont dupe including nirnroots, bound items, shadowbanish wine, and stolen goods.
*The game will dupe in multiples, for example:
If you have 21 scrolls equipped, and you dupe with 7 healing potions, 3 visible potion objects will fall to the ground, each with 7 potions. 7x3=21. This is helpful when you want to dupe a high number of an item.

*If you dupe too many items at once the game will freeze.
EX: I tried to dupe 700 healing potions using 700 scrolls and 1 potion. It seemed to work until I exited my inventory and the game froze.


#28. Constant Effect Glitch

You can permanently add the effects a magical item gives you.

Do not try this with:
*Detect Life

Make sure the magic item you are about to CE does not do anything you don't want it to because CE is irreversibile. You DON'T want to have permanent nighteye, trust me.

Use your enchanting altar to make rings that do what you want.

*Don't increase your speed, athletics, or acrobatics too high!!! Trial and error is the best teacher for this. 250 is a good number to stop at. You are fast, and can jump really high.

*Water breathing is a great one to CE. Water walking is fine, to go underwater, you can jump in while moving forward to go under. Or just look down and move forward.

Here is the constant effect glitch step by step:

1. Using exactly 2 of the same scroll, dupe an enchanted ring you wish to have permanently into 2 copies. No more no less.

2. Equip one of the copies. You will see in your inventory screen that the one copy you're wearing is grey, and just below that is the second copy youre not wearing.

3. Equip the scrolls again.

4. Now drop the copy you are NOT wearing. Notice both will fall from your inventory. If you now try to equip the item you can't, but check out your stats page. You now have that item's effect on you constantly.

*NOTE: If your speed or acrobatics is too high, you can create your own rings that drain speed or acrobatics on self. CE them onto your character.

User Info: kevindrosario

12 years ago#5
#29. Hatred's Soul bow/arrows and mace (thanks ezra_crack789)
You know you're in the right gate if the names on doors are natural disaster names like earthquake and tsunami.

When you are doing the aid for bruma quest, the gate just south of Chorrol has it (that is the gate that will always have the bow).
And if you already did that (but you still didn't close the great gate in the main quest), then you are still in luck. Enter a random Oblivion gate until you are in the gate modeled after Chorrol's. Save before entering and reload until it's the right one.

There is a tower that is falling into the lava, away from the other 6 or 7 main towers that have the Sigil Keep (you can't get directly in the tower, you have to find the secret tunnel). Go to the far north of the map (use your local map and your compass), to help get there just north of the fallen tower. There is a gate that has fallen, use it as a bridge. Make sure you have plenty of health potion and save before you do this because you may have to go through some lava There is a small island in the far north of the map, and on the right side there are some rocks. Go over the right side of the rocks and down near the 'coast' at 'sea-level' ('lava-level' really). There is a well hidden cave entrance at ground level. Go through the cave (don't bother jumping in the lava holes, you'll just die) until you get to the tower entrance. (bear to the left in general gets you through the caves faster) There are 2 Dremora there, get both of their keys. Keep going up the tower, and you come to what seems like a dead end, you simply step on the platform and you get teleported to the top.

There are 2 of those "The Punished" sacks (red). 1 has the bow and arrows, the other has a Mace which has the same special as the bow. (fire and slow.....it's an enhanced Daedric mace.) You might have to be level 20 for this, I don't remember. (because Daedric isn't supposed to appear until then, but since I was level 22ish I couldn't tell you if going earlier would hurt.) You only get about 13 or so arrows, so they are only usefull if you dupe. The bow however, even though it is "expensive" to use, is well worth it. (save it for when you have tough enemies you want to discard of from a distance.)

*pics if needed*
You should see this right when you enter the oblivion gate:

This is what it should look like right behind you (from here you want to venture right):

This is what it looks like once you go right (and notice where my crosshair is, there is a bridge right there. you should get on it. It's a broken bridge:

This is what it looks like on that broken bridge (you will want to follow the 'path' of sorts that I am looking at):

At the end of that path there should be a wall of sorts (most likely made of rocks). You want to jump onto that wall and then jump onto this island:

On that island, you will want to cross this thing:

After you cross that you will see something like this (notice I pointed out where you are going to want to go so you dont get confused):

Then you will see this once you get to that area (basically stay to the right from the last picture, and there will be 2 bomb-like things there, also):

Then you want to follow the little 'lava path' from there, and it will take you to the door.

User Info: kevindrosario

12 years ago#6
Lorddrago's Info

#30. God Mode

Amulet of Axes/Necklace of Swords- 33% Reflect Damage. [Random loot, level 20+].

Escutcheon of Chorrol- 35% Reflect Damage. [Leveled quest reward, Do this quest around level 20+].

Ring of the Iron Fist- 33% Reflect Damage. [Random loot, level 20+].

Total- 101% Reflect Damage, or when someone hits you, they may as well beat their own face in.

Mundane Ring- 50% Magic Resist. [Random loot, level 20+].

Add in various other items for 50% magic resist. If you are a Breton, you are all set. If you are an Orc, you only need 25% more.

Total- 100% Magic Resist, or pretending to be superman: a nuclear missile feels like a breeze in the wind.

And yes, you ARE immune to fireballs, lightning and such, despite how it was in Morrowind. Ignore those that would tell you otherwise.

Warning: God mode does not make one immune to arrows, spikes, lava, long falls, or drowning.


#31. How to make a weapon that kills stuff in 3-5 hits!

First, gather the following items:

-1 Grand Soul or Black Soul.

-1 Weapon of choice. [Melee weapons recommended].

-Access to a Altar of Enchanting. [Requires that you have Mage Guild recommendations from all the guilds halls].

Soul Trap for 1 sec on Strike.
Drain Health 100 pts for 1 sec on Strike.
Weakness to Magic 100% for [3,4 or 5]* sec on Strike.

*[Note: 3 seconds is 25 charges, 4 seconds is 22 charges, and 5 seconds is 20 charges. Use the one you prefer.]

How it works: Every time to hit something, you deal 100 damage and apply a weakness of 100% weakness to magic. If it lives, hit it again before the weakness to magic wears off.

The drain health will continue to get stronger with each hit [100 first hit, 200 second, 300 third, etc]. This is because the weakness to magic stacks with each hit.

When your target dies, you will soul trap it, allowing you to refill your weapon. If you have Azuras Star you can have an easier time keeping your weapon filled up, as you only have about 20-25 charges or so based on the duration you picked for your weapon.

What not to use this on: If you try to hit something that has reflect magic, [Lich for example] you are going to kill yourself.

User Info: kevindrosario

12 years ago#7
#32. How to make a Weapon that can paralyze.

What you need:

-1 Weapon of choice [melee recommended, fast melee even better].

-1 Grand Soul, contained in a Grand Soul gem or Azura's Star.

-Access to an Alter of Enchanting.

Place the following effects on your weapon.
Soul Trap for 1 sec on Strike.
Drain Fatigue 100 pts for 1 sec on Strike.
Weakness to Magic 100% for [3,4, or 5]* sec on Strike.

*[Note: 44 charges at 3 seconds, 35 charges at 4 seconds, 29 charges at 5 seconds].

How it works: The idea is the same as my weapon which kills in 3-5 hits: each time to hit your target, you put a 100% to magic on them if the previous weakness did not wear off.

This time however, we are ripping out our targets fatigue.

After testing this on a Clannfear and a Storm Atronach, it took only 3-4 hits before they dropped.

After that, I was free to wail on them until I was out of charges.

After they died, my weapons soul trap filled my soul gem, ready to refill my weapon for more paralyzing.

A good spell to use in combination with this could be the following:

Soul Trap for 1 sec on Touch.
Drain Health 100 pts for one sec on Touch.

After hitting your target a few times and stunning them, cast this to finish them off and refill your soul gem.

Hit them a good 6-7 times, so that your Drain Health will do 700+ damage and make sure that they die.

If you want to use this spell with your paralyze weapon, you can take off the soul trap on your weapon and gain about 4 more charges.

#33.How to make a summon creature that can last several hours, even days! [In-game].

We are going to take advantage of the weakness to magic exploit. For all you people who wanted a long, long Summon Lich but could not afford the mana, here is your solution.

Warning:This process requires some time and is not meant for use during the heat of battle.

Create two of the following spells, and name them differently in some way.

For a example, I will use 'Summon Skeleton'.

Summon Skeleton for 1 sec on Self.
Weakness to Magic 100% for 4 sec on Self.

One of these will be called 'Summon 1' and the other will be called 'Summon 2'. You do not need to use these names, I am simply using them for an example.

Step 1- Cast Summon 1.

Step 2- Cast Summon 2 before Weakness to Magic of Summon 1 spell expires.

Step 3- Cast Summon 1 before Weakness to Magic of Summon 2 expires.

Step 4- Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have desired length for your summon.

To figure out how long it can last, here is one easy way to know:

1- Look at your current weakness to magic.

2- Write it down. [Lets say it is 1000% for example].

3- Write Down the length of your summon spell [Lets say is it 1 second].

4- For every 100% weakness you have, add on 1 second to your total duration for the summon. Since we have 1000% weakness, that is 10 100% weaknesses, or in our case, 10 seconds.

5- Add that 10 seconds to our normal duration for the summon [which is 1]. Our grand total is 11 seconds.

Lets use somewhat bigger numbers to show how fun this could be.

So... If your summon last 10 seconds, and you have a weakness of 40000% from using my spell process... that would be a total duration of 4010 seconds, or roughly 1 hour and 7 minutes.

Sadly, summons can not fast travel with you.

User Info: kevindrosario

12 years ago#8
#34. How to make a cool special effect for your weapon.

This really serves no purpose other than to make your on hit effect look cool.

Put the following On Strike effects on a weapon:

Chamelon 10% for 1 sec on Strike.
Fire Damage 3 pts for 1 sec on Strike.
Light 15 pts for 1 sec on Strike.

Now go hit something. Neat looking, huh?

#35. How to have the largest magic pool without the use of glitches, cheats, or effects that are not permanent.

Have you wondered how Magicka one could have without using the above?

Here is some food for thought.

Race: High Elf - 100 Magicka.

Star Sign: Atronach [AKA Golem] - 150 Magicka.

Intelligence: 100 - 200 Magicka.

Get the Oghma Infinium and Scales of Pitiless Justice after reaching 100 intelligence to increase it to 112.

`Equipment Pieces: Head, Chest, Legs, Feet, Hands, Shield, 2 Rings, 1 Amulet.
`Total Pieces: 9.
`Fortify Magicka Sigil Stone with Character level 17+: 50 Magicka
Magicka from Equipment- 450 Magicka.


Grand Total of Magicka: 924 Magicka.


I personally do not like the Star Sign Atronach. If you take the mage sign you get 100 magicka less and some regeneration.

#36. Ultimate Assassin Technique: Invisatrans

Want to enter a house, but are unsure that the owner might be at the front door, waiting to watch you sneak in and call for the guards?

Perhaps, young assassin, you should learn the secret art of Invisatrans.

As we all know, doing anything other than moving will dispel invisibility.

Here is what you need, and here are the steps for this secret technique, blessed by Sithis himself.

What you need:

-The ability to cast the spell "Invisibility".

-Good eyes and excellent reflexes... something every assassin should have.


Step 1- Find the door or area you wish you transition through.

Step 2- Cast your Invisibility.

Step 3- This is the most important step. Watch as you cast the spell. Regardless of which hand you use, watch the hand that cast the spell.

As soon as you see a flicked of green smoke indicting that you have casted the spell, but before the spell takes affect, enter the area.

Step 4- If you performed the first 3 steps correctly, you will enter the next area Invisible, ready... to do as you please.

User Info: kevindrosario

12 years ago#9
#37. The Weakness to Magic Exploit or: How to make a really big fireball.

Long Version:

Here is how it works.

Make two of the following spell:
Weakness to Magic 100% for 5 sec on Self

-Name one weak1, and name the other weak2.

-Cast weak1, then cast weak2.

How it works: Why in the world would you want to make yourself weak to magic? It is to take advantage of a certain aspect of weakness to magic.
What is does is increases the effects of negative spells.

What it will also do is will increase the effects of posivite spells if they are attached to a negative spell.

The first time to cast weak1, you have 100% weakness to magic. When you cast weak2, it will not stay 100%, nor add 100%.

It will be multiplied.

If you want to see what I mean, simply check your weakness to magic after cycyling through casting weak1 and weak2 several times.

You should have a stuipidly high weakness.

Once you have a fairly large weakness to magic, make the following spell. Call this spell buff3.

Weakness to Magic 100% for 5 sec on Self.
[Insert positive spell effect(s). We will use Fortfiy Magicka as an example].
Fortfiy Magicka 3pts for 120 sec on Self.

When making a stat buffer, it is more important to have a long duration. If you want to have a larger effect, simply cycle your weak1 and weak2 more times.

After several Cycles of weak1 and weak2, cast buff3. You should now have a large stat buff, or in our case, Fortfiy Magicka.

Now you can cast whatever you want. Or, if you used stat like willpower, you get massive regeneration.

This exploit was used for my super long summons, a few posts back.

WARNING: Raising your Acrobatics, Athletics or Speed may cause your game some problems. Use those at your own risk.

The Short Version:

Step 1: Make two of the following spell:
Weakness to Magic 100% for 5 sec on Self

-Name one of the two weak1, and name the other weak2.

Step 2: Weakness to Magic 100% for 5 sec on Self.
[Insert positive spell effect(s)].

-Name this spell buff3.

Step 3: Cast weak1, then cast weak2.

Repeat step 3 several times. 20 times or as desired.

Step 4: Cast buff3.

User Info: kevindrosario

12 years ago#10
BLACKMIST27's info

#38. How do I unhaunt the house in Anvil? (How do I remodel it) *Spoiler*

After purchasing the "manor" in Anvil for 5k you go to your local trade dealer to see if he has upgrades you can purchase to improve the decoration of your new abode. You find he doesnt offer any. What to do?

1. Sleep in your house in Anvil. You will be awoken by three spirits who will attack you. They are immune to normal weapons. Either use magic or an enchanted, daedric, or silver weapon to defeat them.

2. You are then given a journal message saying you heard a noise from below and should investigate. Head downstairs to your front room. On the ground by the cabinet a vase has fallen over revealing a book and a hand holding it. Take the book and read it (leave the hand you will need it later and you dont accidentally want to sell it or drop it to make room) Make sure reading the book you read every page so you will get the journal note.

3. Your new journal entry says you should seek Velwyn Benirus for help and should look for him at the inn in anvil. When you get there question the owner as Velwyn won't be there. The owner will reveal that he has gone to the imperial city. You will be told he is in the Elven Garden District. Once there question a few people to find he is staying at the kings and queens tavern. From there question the tavern owner who will tell you what time he shows up. Wait for him and when he shows start talking.

4. Be nice! Dont accuse him angrily or he won't help you at all and you're stuck with house on haunted hill for your playpen. After talking (nicely) with him and going through the dialogue options he will say that he will help you and asks you to meet him at that same inn in Anvil where you first met. Head there now.

5. Once you meet him again he will follow you to the manor. The ghosts are back! Don't let Velwyn die. He is weak and they will tear through him if you're not careful. Head immediately for the basement. Make sure he is close when you enter the basement or he may not follow you and then the ghosts will kill him. Upon entering the basement you will have a few more ghosts and then he will open that strange runed wall for you. Upon which point he will run scared. Enter the room and click on the altar.

6. Hey the dead guy isn't dead! He talks! He gives you some BS about granting him final death by returning his hand. Yea whatever you big fibber but you can't call him a liar unfortunately. Go get his hand which is still upstairs in that jar where you found the journal. Take it back down and click him again.

7. What? Oh no! He lied to you! He's still a bad guy! Head behind the altar before he finishes talking he will spawn right behind it on that little stairway. Send his undead bones into torpor. Once you beat him the ghosts are gone! You get a new journal note.

8. Head back to the tavern where Velwyn is waiting. He apologizes for running away and gives you your congrats and all that. Head back to your manor. WHAT! There is good furniture....and hangings....and light...and its cozy...and homy....and so much less ghosty...YAY. Congratz you have a house. You cannot modify this house like you can others but you can't complain. You got it modified for free....well not exactly for free since you had to take on a small army of ghosts and an undead lich....well congrats anyway!
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