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8 years ago#1
Hello, everyone. I'm new to the series and I was just wondering about building characters. I know that each class has a specialty and all that, but what I'm curious about is the general flow of the game. It's proving to be a lot more difficult than I had thought, but I'm sticking with it. My question is more in regards to focuses on stats. I'd like to make a character, but I'd like to know first if the stats should be distributed somewhat evenly, or if you should focus on a class' particular strengths/the colors used in certain skills. In other words, should my stats be based on preference, or a class' particular focus? I'm a level 8 Druid, but I was curious to know if it was the kind of game where you could get along based on your own personal preferences, or if it was one that punished going outside that particular class' expertise.
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