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User Info: Cactrot

10 years ago#1
So I've played through this game forever ago. Loved it. ADORED it. Lost at least a hundred hours to a single playthrough. I played on the PC.

I've been recommending it to a friend lately, and it sounds like he's probably going to play it on the DS. Which has got me wondering if the DS version holds up as well as the PC one.

I remember one of my favorite qualities from the game was its music. Having played PQ2 on both XBLA and DS recently, it seemed like the music in that game had lower quality in the DS version, even through headphones. It makes me worry about whether the music is as good on the DS as it is on the PC in PQ1.

I know that the PC version has also received gameplay-related patching that the DS probably didn't. I don't remember what those changes were and I don't know whether they improved the game or not. I don't know if there were bugfixes.

Basically, I'm trying to figure out whether my friend ought to be the DS or PC copy for the best experience. I know that the difference probably won't be huge. That said, could anybody who may have played both help me with some of the differences between the two? Is the music as good on the DS? The interface? Does the PC patching make a big difference? Are there other significant differences?

Appreciate any feedback anybody can give. Thanks!
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User Info: jasonhex

10 years ago#2
It's been a LONG time since a played this game. This weekend I was on a bullet train leaving Tokyo, and I decided to break it out again and learn some spells from monsters. Got home and went to check gamefaqs for some info (I've forgotten a bit about the game) to continue working on my old save file, and decided to throw in my 2 cents about the game!

I own it for PC, DS, and PSP. Of the three, I always preferred the DS version, but I would say the sound quality is not as good as the other two, but it's good enough. Really any version of the game is fine.

As far as differences between systems...I know for a fact there is an experience exploit in the DS version. Every time you turn on the game, the very first match is always the same setup, and by moving one gem you will always get a heroic effort (100xp), unless some random multiplier appears, which is based on some of your character's skills. With this exploit it's pretty easy to far xp. I believe this is different for the PC/PSP versions, but I could very well be wrong, it's actually been a few years since I played the other two version.

Personally I would recommend it for the DS. I just like having it portable, and I really like using a stylus to play the game. The same goes for Puzzle Kingdoms--if you ever decide to give that a try, it's in the same world and features some of the same characters, well at least Drong.

Also for the other Puzzle games, even though you didn't ask! Puzzle Quest 2 is solid, but I found it lacking compared to the first PQ game. Galactrix is a mess, had it on the PC and eventually got rid of it, and only heard bad things about the DS version. Puzzle Chronicles, (published by Konami) is a fine game, beat it both on the DS and PS3 (the Deathbringer trophy took an incredible amount of time to complete). Ultimately, I'd say the puzzle games all play the best on the DS, I just like the stylus and portability of the system. No matter what system you get it for, the original Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords is in my opinion the best gem matching game out there.
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