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User Info: ultradaved

11 years ago#1
Since I have the PSP version, I asked on the PSP board:

"If I click "research spells" at my citadel the game crashes. Everything went fine until I captured a fire elemental. I did it in the middle of the quest where ogre guy wanted to eat it, but it showed the post-fight dialogue as though I had killed it normally.

I've captured things since and tried in different citadels but it still crashes. Can I never learn another spell? What can I do? Was there a way to predict/prevent this?"

Do any of the DS/multi-platform people have a response (I got nothing from the PSP bunch). I'm wondering if there's a cap to captured monsters or researched spells or something. Any ideas?

I know the PSP version's buggy but I hadn't seen this particular glitch addressed so I thought it might be caused by something that I can correct.
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