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User Info: chiefz0r

12 years ago#1
Yesterday my friend brought his hard drive over and purchased castle crashers on my 360 using it. I had my profile on my memory card and his was on his hard drive. We played for awhile and then today when he went home his save was no longer. I checked my save and it was still there.

He brought his hard drive and 360 back over to do some experimenting and to make a REALLY long story short, we discovered that if he started Castle Crashers from the dashboard his save wouldn't show up, but once in the game, if he signed out of his profile and signed back in, his character would re-appear. When I moved my memory card over to his Xbox I noticed that my save wasn't showing up either and the same trick of just signing out (while still in Castle Crashers) and signing back in made my character show back up.

Let me know if this is useful for anyone else and hopefully Behemoth will get some kind of fix for this out soon....

User Info: American_Dreem

12 years ago#2
If we get results, I am standing by on "Request for Sticky"
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User Info: Zignoff

12 years ago#3
YES this does work your right, thank you SO MUCH, but also I think there is a save info on the xbox itself, cause my RED 26 level knight is still gone when I do play this on a friend XBOX, but my orange Knight is the level I earned, but yea great fix needs a sticky.
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User Info: MattM88

12 years ago#4
worked for us too! thanks!

User Info: XeroGeno

12 years ago#5
Bam, works it works. Sticky request.
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User Info: HykCraft

12 years ago#6

User Info: chiefz0r

12 years ago#7
Zignoff...interesting about the red knight problem you speak of. I have only used one character so far so I can't exactly test further, but my character was showing up fine on both 360s as I moved my memory card back and forth. It really seems like the save is just in your profile from my experience, however who knows what exactly the nature of this problem is.

I am just glad that, at least for some people, the save info isn't gone so much as it is just...hiding?

User Info: Grommell

12 years ago#8
Bump. I wonder if behemoth knows about this.

User Info: chiefz0r

12 years ago#9
Grommell....I emailed them at the contact email address on their website. Not sure if they'll read it or not, but can't say that I didn't try.

User Info: ini_x

12 years ago#10
Bump because this is seemingly useful for those who have lost their data.
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