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User Info: gOOfy_19

11 years ago#1
So instead of having 20 different topics on ad-hoc party, lets just make it where we get all the events/games/bulletin/notices into one topic and the questions/comments/concerns.


Q: What's this "Ad Hoc Party" you speak of?
A: An application you download from the PS3 PS Store.

It let's the PS3 function as a gateway turning Local Wi-fi Only PSP games into true online games.

Basically it fools the PSP into believing there are other PSP gamers around you, the info being sent across the internet between the PS3's.

It's a tunneling service. And you can also use a Bluetooth headset to speak with your opponents.

I didn't feel like putting it in my own words so big ups to Wollan of NeoGAF.

Q: So many worlds/lobbies!! Where do I start?
A: World J, Lobby 50

Q: I'm pressing X and nothing happens!!Am I gei!?!?!
A: This is Japanese stuff, O and X are switched.
So use O to select, confirm, choose, click, etc.

Q: How do I go to the worlds? Lobbies?
A: To go the worlds,choose the first option on the top-menu.
Once there, navigate with R1 and L1. After you found the world, use either the Right or Left analog stick.
Keep the analog pushed toward the lobby and click on it. To leave lobbies..press triangle, the 3rd option,
and choose the command on the left.

Q: My PSP isn't connected. What do I do?
A: First, you must have your game running and be in the online gathering hall.
Second, in the ad hoc party top menu, choose the third option and wait till it detects your PSP.
After that, press OK.

Q: How do I make a Japanese account?
A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_Kfm0gCTX0&feature=related
Reakt00r video guide is as best as it gets to giving a full depth demo on how to make one.

This if you want a written step by step.

Q: How do I put up a room?
A: Once you have entered a lobby, place the cursor in any free space, click on it.
Choose the second option. Once the house is built, you have the option of naming it, which is the first box.
Select it and type whatever you may desire. The second option lets you give the room a headline, use the keyboard.

Q: I keep clicking on the room and I just walk next to it, why?!
A: Make sure the room has enough space for you. To go in the room, click on it and choose the second

Q: I have no friends ):
A: Well then post your PSN and hope you go on a date with a someone, or have luck and do a double date.

Q: Where is everyone!? It's 3pm! D:
A: Everyone doesn't have the same time as you.

Q: Do you still play on your psp while using the PS3(ad-hoc mode) to get online?
A: Yeah, would've been good if they had the image on the TV :/

Q: Can two players go online while using one PS3(ad-hoc mode)?
A: Should be able. But just watch out when the room becomes full, might mess up on you
with the added person.

Any other questions I may have missed can be answered on this topic as well, feel free to ask.

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User Info: darkprince59

11 years ago#2
first poster!
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User Info: gOOfy_19

11 years ago#3
For Narnia!
Wasn't to you, Goofy. You're on BoBo's cool list.-Bo6
on Razer Corsair http://www.youtube.com/user/PitbullChico

User Info: GravyBoatCurley

11 years ago#4
sticky please!
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User Info: eden1221

11 years ago#5
Sticky nao.
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User Info: Guan_Yu74

11 years ago#6
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User Info: Dom0fMHF

11 years ago#7
I'm stickying as fast as I can but I get tired after a couple times!
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User Info: akasuper6

11 years ago#8
post your psn's as well

User Info: dccthezan

11 years ago#9
At Legend, you get the ability to downvote sticky requests.
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User Info: TACOnightmare

11 years ago#10
^downvote neutralized with my up vote
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