g-man appearences *spoilers possibly*

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User Info: terry_ash

10 years ago#1
when i first saw him after the mine level was on that bridge, walking along where you land the car, just b4 you go down into that level, b4 alyx has control of the rifle.

tell me if you see him any other times.

User Info: CIBike6

10 years ago#2

IIRC, Gman appears only during the vortal coil cutscene, on the bridge you just mentioned, and right after you see Eli again (on the monitors before Alyx delivers his message).

User Info: zbadz

10 years ago#3
Before you're on the train, the G-man appears. It's for quite a while, but it's very easy to miss him. :O
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  3. g-man appearences *spoilers possibly*

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