What is energy ball?

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User Info: cruentas

10 years ago#1
What is the energy ball for the achievement? Is it the Things that look like "DOGS" ball that attach to your dune buggy on Highway 17? I tried to use one but they shoot and destroy it.

User Info: Vi3trice

10 years ago#2
The thing that Dog plays with is a rollermine. An energy ball is the alternate fire of the AR2.

User Info: BrainBoxLtd

10 years ago#3
Sometimes the White Combine Troopers will shoot them at you where you can use the gravity gun to "catch" it and fire it back for an achievement. There's tons of them in the final chapter.

User Info: stealthflame

10 years ago#4
it's kinda invisible but looks like a orange circle with a yellow-orange center, and they fly out of white domey things with claw-like things on em ;P

User Info: cruentas

10 years ago#5
no wonder i wasn't getting the kill five guys with it achievement. Cool thanx guys

User Info: Neogamer8

10 years ago#6
Yeah, The energy balls don't end up until the last chapter in HL2. They are fun to play around with.
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