Sign If Your Hardcore

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User Info: Hobley007

10 years ago#11
Claiming you are KEEPING fit by LEAP-FROGGING Mr. T's BINS is not an acceptable exercise regime.

User Info: Zyphir420

10 years ago#12

had it for a while now
"The Enrichment Center is required to remind you that you will be baked, and then there will be cake."

User Info: ps2blzzrd

10 years ago#13
Individuals think; groups do not, and cannot.
GT: r3p1V

User Info: mario_geisty

10 years ago#14

Lastest kill was me machaete a sniper in 2fort's hallways.
"I won't even bother to apologize for random thoughts anymore. They're all I have."- Xander Moonshield
GT: VetaZombiSlayer

User Info: Oritsu

10 years ago#15
Gamer tag: Artifical Raven

User Info: shmalogination

10 years ago#16
Last kill was in granary and I machetied a guy then got killed by an engineer
Your the bravest soldier I've seen since my mirror got grease on it - Zapp Brannigan

User Info: mummy_murderer

10 years ago#17
signs, I got at couple days ago

User Info: Geologic

10 years ago#18
I've gotten it 6 or 7 times over.

TF2 is really, really easy to rack kills up on. I average around 40 per round with Demo.

User Info: bcrenton

10 years ago#19
with Geologic - preordered this bad boy in July cause I knew it would rock
"There's an engineer's Sentry parked outside our resupply and we can't get out, help me OBiWan, you're are only hope!"

User Info: Plague_of_Death

10 years ago#20
*signs* got it around the time I got the grey matter one, head-shots ftw!
Some of my girlfriends play games, so I know for sure they exist. Unless they don't exist and they're actually my imaginary friends... :(-Sepulchral
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