Sign If Your Hardcore

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User Info: RedRaven80

10 years ago#1

got it today, not that bad I averaged about 25 kills a match.
Quoth The Raven Nevermore

User Info: darthyoda55

10 years ago#2
I love how talking about potential human genocide in a week is "against the rules"-Behaviorism

User Info: GoldenGamer_07

10 years ago#3


Got it last week, now I have 1000/1000 for The Orange Box :)

User Info: RedRaven80

10 years ago#4
^^ Impressive. I have 825/1000

all in TF2 & EP1.
Quoth The Raven Nevermore

User Info: BuzzhornForty

10 years ago#5
If I'm not mistaken he is talking about the 1000 kills achievement for TF2, not total gamerpoints for The Orange Box.

And yes, I got that achievement way back in October lol.

User Info: frostedmini1337

10 years ago#6
Captain Olimar made it into Brawl. Best.Update.Ever.
I appear to have burst into flames.- The Spy~TF2

User Info: turboboost

10 years ago#7
40 more kills and i sign
Pr0t0TYPEz (Those are Zeros)

User Info: DReedy917

10 years ago#8
I didn't even know it was an achievement until I got it, which was a few days after Orange Box came out.
GT: LOOTENIT DAYAN ("Lieutenant Dan" for people who can't sound words out and/or have never seen Forrest Gump)

User Info: Zelcron

10 years ago#9
Post if you're* hardcore

/pet peeve.

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User Info: lotty94

10 years ago#10
Weighted Companion Cube; Character Battle 2008!
A vote for WCC is a vote for cake!
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