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  3. Cannot Launch on Windows 7 x64!!

User Info: lotherius

11 years ago#1
Okay, first things first. This is a LEGAL copy of the game, bought through the EA DOWNLOAD MANAGER.

Okay, the game simply does not even launch. I never get splash screens, or anything. I've installed and updated to 1.4 patch.

When I run the game, I get an error message that states: "The version of the user interface associated with this software is too old, press ok button to replace the user interface files with latest version"... I press OK... absolutely nothing happens, the process exits. So I tried Run as Administrator. No workee. Sometimes I get that error message, most of the time it simply silently fails. I also tried disabling themes & desktop composition. Tried compatibility mode for windows 95/98/2000/xp/Vista and no dice.

So, am I simply SCREWED and can't play this game? Or does someone know how to actually get this working on Windows 7 64 bit?

To recap, I have A LEGAL NOT CRACKED COPY and:
1. Have updated to Patch 1.4
2. Have tried "run as Administrator"
3. Have tried disable desktop composition & themes
4. Have tried compatibility mode for all versions of Windows.
5. Have done all of this on both nfsc_launcher.exe and nfsc_link.exe
6. Searched, read forums, etc.

I have read on a couple of forums that supposedly this is tested & works on x64.. doesn't seem so much to be the case for me.
AthlonX2 4800+, 4GB/Windows 7x64, ATI HD3870.

User Info: ILOVENFS999

11 years ago#2
I have Windows 7 64 Bit and Need For Speed Carbon Collector's Edition 1.2 and have it on my computer. I bought this game for my XP computer which crashed, and I lost the code, so I tried to download it [legally] off of EA. I went to open it and it said something like 'This version of the game is too old.' and wouldn't open. It might just be a problem with the downloading thing, so, sorry, I would just buy the game on CD and use that. (I found my code and used it, and it worked, so it's not my computer.) I hope this helps.
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  3. Cannot Launch on Windows 7 x64!!
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