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User Info: gillz107

13 years ago#1
I looked at Gamespot and it said that the game is TBA. Are you guys playing the Japanese version or the Euro one?
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User Info: ThaKillha

13 years ago#2
I got the Asian version. I found it in some video game retailer store around the way. Never know what you could find in those stores
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User Info: EggsBawks360

13 years ago#3
I think they cancelled the US version.

User Info: blackfunkster

12 years ago#4
This is selling in just about every retailer, big and small, in Australia. It's also gone platinum.

User Info: jakara1951

12 years ago#5
I purchased the European version on Ebay since that is the only way to get it here in the U.S. Personally I think the game is great with all the extra tracks that should have been available on RR1.

User Info: Devilking92

12 years ago#6
is ti any fun? better than the original on psp?
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User Info: StevenDunn99

12 years ago#7
I have only recently (xmas) got a PSP so I have something other than my ipod to entertain me when I travel. As a long time RR fan I got RR2 for my first game - it is good that this (and many other games) was now quite cheap. I could not resist playing it thoughm though it means I will need another game sooner rather than later.

I completed the Basic, Pro & Ex tours without too much ado but the Max tour is hard. The Opus races seem to require a good mix of; track knowledge, good driving, strategy and a little luck.

I have completed Opus 1, 2 & 3, so next up is Opus 4. I am finding that I now have to really learn the tracks that I am unfamiliar with, little mistakes made no difference b4 but they do now.
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