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User Info: FerusOccisor

10 years ago#1
Thanks to PS_Pro, which rolled me here I claim this board as I own the URL, the site, the trademark, the money and the hookers.

When is this coming out?
Bows suck! sayz King Shakalaka.
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User Info: _Thunderhorse_

10 years ago#2
Hmm, I'm doin' okay.

User Info: Ps_ProX2

10 years ago#3

Ald hail ROTR, the best damn site/game related to MH evar.
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User Info: DesWombat

10 years ago#4
I call Secretary of State!

Also...this place has bad Feng Shui.
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User Info: Biscuit__

10 years ago#5
I concur.
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