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User Info: tmoney76

13 years ago#1
I have compiled the magic list that I have acquired so far. From what I can tell, there are only 4 spells per level per job with only 6 spell levels for a total of 24 Priest and 24 Mage spells. I have almost all of them found but a few missing. Please feel free to share if you have found something different or can fill in the blanks.

Level 1 Effect
1. Fire - Fire damage. Single Foe.
2. Ice - Ice damage. Single Foe.
3. Poison - Poison Status. Single Foe.
4. Blind - Blind Status. Single Foe.

Level 2
1. Wind - Wind Damage. Single Foe.
2. Paralyze - Paralyze Status. Single Foe.
3. Barrier - Decrease damage from magic attacks. Buff. Single Ally.
4. ??? - ???

Level 3
1. Fire Storm - Fire Damage. All Foes.
2. Cursed Shield - Defense down status. All Foes.
3. Silence - Silence Status. Single Foe.
4. Poison Cloud - Poison Status. All Foes.

Level 4
1. Ice Storm - Ice Damage. All Foes
2. Cursed Sword - Attack power down status. All Foes.
3. Infect - Disease status. Single Foe.
4. Terror - Psychological damage to reduce MP. All Foes.

Level 5
1. Wind Storm - Wind damage. All Foes.
2. Chaos - Non-Element, Light damage. Single Foe.
3. Petrify - Petrify status. Single Foe.
4. Blind Zone - Blind Status. All Foes.

Level 6
1. Escape - Return to Inn in town. All Allies.
2. Chaos Grave - Non-Element, Light damage. All Foes.
3. Paralyze Gas - Paralyze Status. All Foes.
4. Barrier Zone - Decrease damage from magic attacks. Buff. All Allies.

Level 1 Effect
1. Aid - Restore small HP. Single Ally.
2. Anti-poison - Remove Poison status. Single Ally.
3. Bright - Remove Blind status. Single Ally.
4. Analyze - Identify single "magic" item.

Level 2
1. Parallel Aid - Restore small HP. All Allies
2. Slow - Slow status. Single Foe.
3. Recover - Remove Paralysis status. Single Ally.
4. Hold - Immobilize weak enemies. Field use only.

Level 3
1. Cure - Restore medium HP. Single Ally.
2. Quick - Increase attack speed. Single Ally.
3. Ray - Non-Element, Light damage. Single Foes.
4. Search - Expands mini-map display area. Field use only.

Level 4
1. Parallel Cure - Restore medium HP. All Allies.
2. Medicine - Remove Disease status. Single Ally.
3. ??? - ???
4. ??? - ???

Level 5
1. Heal - Restore large HP. Single Ally.
2. Rebirth - Revive the dead. Single Ally.
3. Release - Remove Petrify status. Single Ally.
4. Force Sword - Increase Attack Power. Buff. Single Ally.

Level 6
1. Parallel Heal - Restore large HP. All Allies.
2. Ray Storm - Non-Element, Light damage. All Foes.
3. Refuel - Transfer MP from caster to Single Ally.
4. ??? - ???

User Info: Nikster9200

13 years ago#2

u should write a FAQ about this stuff. I would but i dont have the game yet. Im getting tommarow or the next day.

*Im getting excited!:D

User Info: Raseruz

13 years ago#3
Maybe I'll check my spell list if I got some you don't have then I 'll post here
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User Info: the_van_kid

13 years ago#4
the level 2 mage spell thats blank is- "fear"

the level 4 priest spells that are blank are - "speak" and "force sheild"

and i don't know that level 6 priest spell........but if i find it, ill post it here again

User Info: the_van_kid

13 years ago#5
i forgot to explain what they did

"Fear" does damage on mp, much like that of "terror" expect only one target

"Speak" cures Silence

and "Force Sheild" increases the defense of one target

hope this helps

User Info: the_van_kid

13 years ago#6
the level 6 preist spell is "Purify" which cures all abnormals

User Info: tmoney76

13 years ago#7
I've cleaned up the list to include the blanks filled in by the_van_kid and submitted it as an FAQ. It should pop up within a couple days. It's my first FAQ, so I'm kinda excited!
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