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User Info: dirtriderdan

11 years ago#1
I have collected all the items in throughout the levels and then as i come through the door in the Maelstorm level, i have to fight Davy Jones, which can be beat the first time. The problem is if when you fight him as Will and either lose or hit restart from checkpoint it takes you right back to the Jack vs Davy fight. Its just kind of annoying having to go back and forth when he has such a fast combo attack rate. The guide doesn't tell you anything about how to beat him, and i was wondering if someone who already beat him could tell me how? I know to be fast with defense and use counter strikes as often as possible, but i just can't put him down for the count.

User Info: drteeth3

11 years ago#2
The only real tip I can give is dont look at him, look only at the 3 dots. That way you are only focusing on when the dots flash so you can be a bit faster. This worked for me.
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