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  3. "Light My Pyre" is in the bottom-five of all GTA missions. Just trash.

User Info: houghmanady

1 year ago#1
If I wanted my gaming experience to be this much of a cross-my-fingers toss-up, where skill plays very little part and I'm just hoping for some under-the-hood dice rolls to arbitrarily go my way, I wouldn't bother playing video games. I'd just spend all of my time sitting in convenience store parking lots, playing scratch-off lottery games.

I cannot quantify how infuriating it is to have so little control over even my most basic strives toward a known goal.

--Can't follow an enemy car too far back, or your bullets won't even reach it.

--Can't follow it to closely, or they simply stop the car, making you ram into it and fall off your bike, and letting them pepper you with gunfire while you try to re-mount and chase Lance, who is somehow already under attack from the next car up ahead of this skirmish.

--Can't carefully split the distance between too close and too far, lest Lance weave between you and the enemy, committing suicide by brother. Or, better yet, veering into you and running you off of the road. Nothing like Lance running me into a passing car and sending me sprawling on the pavement, so I can stand up and look for my bike while the game tells me "Lance is under attack! Help him!" as if I want anything more for him than a violent and suffering death by now.

Twice I have attempted to just abandon Lance and gun it for Prawn Island, to end this miserable segment and get on with the rest of the mission. No dice. I was ON THE BRIDGE to Prawn Island once, going as fast as the bike could handle, MAYBE three seconds from paydirt. A fellow driver spontaneously decided to change lanes, clipping my back tire by the TINIEST margin and spinning me out and onto my back. I stood up, hopped on my bike, and looked at the Mendez mansion as the game told me Lance had died and I had once again failed.

I hate this game. This mission has successfully poisoned the well. When I eventually beat this mission (if I don't just decide to abandon the game 95% through the story) it will have nothing to do with skill. Just blind luck. And that's piss-poor game design.

User Info: Orthopox12

1 year ago#2
I never had a problem with this mission, sorry you are. Most issues I had with this game where due to the PSP having a terrible button layout to begin with. Its a pretty solid game and this mission is pretty integral to the story I hope maybe itll draw you back into it.
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User Info: clu82

1 year ago#3
I haven't actually got to this mission yet, but I don't know if this snippet from Grand Theft Wiki might help:
If the player enters the North Point Mall prior to entering Prawn Island, all of the Mendez Cartel gunmen in Prawn Island will be sent into Blue Hell, meaning that they cannot harm the player, thus, the player can enter the Mendez Mansion without any resistance.
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  2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
  3. "Light My Pyre" is in the bottom-five of all GTA missions. Just trash.
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